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  1. I still try not to use fast charging unless I am really in hurry it really affects battery health my last phone did not have fast charging my battery was fine till I broke the phone 3 years later now my new phone is 10 months old and my battery life is %89

  2. I feel for you buying the iPhone's models every year and Apple doesn't send you an invite. Man that whole iPhone 6 bending that was years ago. Dam we found out Apple fault for the phone bending so they need to stop being petty. Lew I say don't buy the iPhone or just one because you always buy all 3 iPhones in each color.

  3. The streaming services aren’t in competition with each other because they all offer different shows. If they relied on differentiating their infrastructure and their app experiences instead of snatching up rights to certain shows before the other ones can, and instead shared all this content amongst themselves, then we would actually have a competitive market.

    Now, with these shows being so all over the place, it would likely be more worthwhile to go old-school and just buy the DVDs of the shows. I’m pretty sure they still sell those, especially for mid-2010s and older shows. That and torrenting. But as a customer, it’s not reasonable to pay upwards of $40/month or more to have access to four different streaming services just so that you can watch a handful of shows that are each on a different platform.

  4. They can make the bezel thinner on this new LCD they just don’t, because it would look better than the more expensive one.

    Steve jobs would never have allowed that to go through

  5. He ain’t taking the name The chef cause of drugs that’s lame shit

    It was summit like in their ends flavour meant like Ill like sick so he the chef pumpin out flavour why the fuck am I writing this

  6. Apparently NBC is doing a new Battlestar Galactica, "exclusive" to their all new Peacock streaming service ( -_-)

    I'm already fed up

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