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  1. The game is in my top 3 best games ever made. I loved the artistic style, graphics, story, gameplay, cinematics, the various fighting conditions and situations, from falling out the sky to having no arms the fighting was incredible, even the 1 on 1 Street Fighter fighting was dope! I love all this game had to offer!

  2. this game is so underrated. i loved it. this is why i love Japanese games. western people will never understand what a epic game it was. Silent hill, persona, gravity rush or yakuja sold poorly in US! ill never get that

  3. Envy really is one of the worst Sins and a serious thing to deal with…all these Asura's Wrath haters are beyond my brain's capacity…hating on a masterpiece like this game just by the most idiotic and foolish reasons that come to their mind.Some people really need to be studied,even in 2016…

  4. it be awesome make a batman arkham batman become a really really scary vampire like grayish skin glowing red eyes very scary fangs and the vampire powers vampire vision to see in the darkness and turn in to flock of bats what ever others power's you can think of. o yes get to choose feed on his victim or not . hope you see this

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