Bitcoin heading higher, says Fundstrat's Tom Lee

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee on the barriers to a bitcoin breakout. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Chris Verrone, Brian Kelly and Guy Adami.


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  1. This is all just a promotion to bitcoin to make people excited and buying it so that way they can make money from poeole buying in late. And when idiot people buy in they start selling it and sitting there and start laughing at all the people jumping late

  2. He seemed confused why he was even there.
    It’s just corrupt or incompetent why this network would have a guy who consistently gets what he’s talking about wrong, but not just wrong- other dimensional wrong.
    If anyone talked to someone, about anything, who was way off about what they were talking about several times in a row it’s the asker who’s crazy to keep asking but this seems to be the norm in the crypto space. People constantly making things up (based on their biases) and then talking about these ideas as if they were factual. It’s bizarre and, unfortunately, a great way to lose chunks of or entire life savings.

  3. Sometime in the next 6 months for generational opportunity? Definitely much sooner than that, just keep accumulating because you might catch it late with BAKKT launching September 23rd

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