"Stick to the plastic" – FPV Drone Racing

Its been a while since Ive posted some DVR footage, most of my time has been focused on training for DRL and developing new products as well as getting some freestyle videos together. Hope you enjoy this one 🙂

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– Race frame: https://fpv-flightclub.com/product-category/frames/flightclub/proton-r/
– Vanover motors https://rotorriot.com/products/hypetrain-vanover-2207-5-1860kv-motor
– Hobbywing 2207 1750kv motors: https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/collections/xrotor-fpv-motor-race-edition/products/xrotor-2207-motor
– Racing Propellor: https://azurepowerusa.com/products/5148-series
– Flight Controller: https://rotorriot.com/products/raceflight-skitzo-revoltosd-flight-controller?aff=12
– Electronic Speed Controller: https://www.droneracingparts.com/products/hobbywing-xrotor-micro-60a-6s-4-in-1-esc-dshot1200
– FPV Camera: https://rotorriot.com/collections/captain-vanovers-setup/products/vanover-sparrow-2
– Video Transmitter: https://www.droneracingparts.com/collections/video-transmitters/products/tbs-unify-pro32-nano-5g8
– FPV Antenna: https://rotorriot.com/collections/video-transmitter-vtx-antennas-1/products/lumenier-micro-axii-shorty-mmcx-fpv-antenna-5-8ghz-rhcp-or-lhcp?aff=12
– Receiver: https://futabausa.com/shop/receivers/air-receivers/r2000sbm/
– Drone Battery: http://www.thunderpowerrc.com/FPV-BATTERIES/FPV-Adrenaline/TP1300-6SAV2X
– GoPro camera: Hero 7 black

-Goggles: https://rotorriot.com/products/fat-shark-dominator-hdo-fpv-goggles?aff=12
-FPV Receiver: https://rotorriot.com/products/immersionrc-rapidfire-goggle-receiver-paired-w-irc-antenna-set?variant=24126296490084&aff=12

– Futaba 16SZ: https://futabausa.com/shop/systems/air-systems/16sz/

-Soldering Iron: https://rotorriot.com/products/ts100-portable-soldering-iron-programmable-smart-iron?aff=12
-Solder: https://rotorriot.com/products/rdq-quad-solder-38-62-0-8mm-100g?aff=12
-Toolkit: https://rotorriot.com/products/rotor-riot-kwad-toolset?aff=12
-Prop Tool: https://rotorriot.com/products/spedix-quad-wrench-with-one-way-bearings?aff=12
-Smoke Stopper: https://rotorriot.com/collections/tools-and-building-supplies/products/smoke-stopper-by-rdq-and-bengineeringlabs?aff=12
-Battery Charger: https://rotorriot.com/collections/battery-chargers-accessories/products/isdt-d2-charger-smart-charger-for-fpv-racing-6s-10a-200w?aff=12

-My favorite shirt: https://rotorriot.com/collections/rotor-riot-swag/products/rotor-riot-independence-skull-logo-t-shirt?aff=12
-The best hat!!!: https://rotorriot.com/collections/rotor-riot-swag/products/rotor-riot-hat-grey-and-black-with-white-logo?aff=12

-Gates: https://rotorriot.com/collections/gates/products/rdq-pop-up-fpv-racing-gates?aff=12


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  1. You should try to get a little bit faster next time. Maybe you can hit some time gaps and get some lotto numbers of the future or something.

  2. Hey Captain – What flight simulator do you use for practice when it's raining?

    If you have several what's your 1st 2nd and 3rd prefference?

    PLUS… what are your settings in those SIM(s) so that the rest of us can get an idea of what you feel the simulator quad should fly like compared to real life so we might get the possibility to experience what you do… minus hitting all the gates so skillfully… ha ha.

    It's just totally AWESOME to watch you fly!

    Maybe make a Flight Club video about this and add it to your training series?

    Shout out from Pasadena, Tx. – Thanks

  3. Unfortunately this video looks to me sped up with the addition of a fake OSD, I may be wrong but even gravity seems to have a faster effect on this quad, and also the top and bottom font of the OSD are slightly different, this option is not available in betaflight where you can only have one font on the OSD, I don't know if FalcoX allows it so again I may be wrong, but it looks odd.

  4. Whoa! This is incredible…definitely level with MCK and Evan…3 pilots, then everybody else. Style wise though, the best…those fakies up the trees were very nice:)

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