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  1. I dont get this electro auto movement to help the nature, arent the waste batteries mutch worse than todays cars? I mean electro only fixes ut temporarily but in the long run its worse.

  2. The "X number more apps" argument is what so many people have given me when I ask them why they don't like iPhone. "There's no games! There's no apps!" Okay, sure. Quantity > quality, right? Of course. That's what the world wants now. Nobody wants high quality apps anymore, they just wand millions upon millions of garbage apps with a few thousand good ones thrown in the mix. Who cares about malware, shitty copy-paste reconfigurations of the same ten games, or broken apps. What matters is that literally anybody can make whatever terrible app and throw it on the Android app store (with a one-time developer fee of $25) and voila, there's another app to the millions of apps already there! Meanwhile over on the Apple App Store, you have to have a Mac first of all (so several hundred to a couple thousand dollars right there) and then on top of that you have to pay $99/year for your developer rights.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm by no means glorifying Apple's developer fees or the requirement to have a Mac to develop for their mobile platforms. I hate that I can't even begin to tinker with iOS development because I don't have a Mac and refuse to pay their absurd $99/year fee. I just find it hilarious that people use the supposed lack of apps and games on iOS as the reason they have Android phones.
    There's a point where you look on your platform's app store and just give up because there's too much shit to wade through. It's like looking at juice in Wal-Mart. Sure there's plenty to choose from, but do I really wanna take the time to sift through all of it to find something I want? Absolutely not. It's not worth the effort.
    (I admittedly feel this way on the iOS App Store, as well. There's still plenty of garbage on iOS, I just feel there's likely less due to the steeper requirements for devs.)

  3. Huawei users can use Here maps since it wasn't an American company, actually there are a lot of map providers that weren't based in America.

    Firefox is also open-source, and Aptoide is a Play Store alternative that also isn't an American company.

    They don't have to make their own version of apps like Samsung. They just want to flex at this point.

  4. Too bad the renewable energy industry still relies on fossil fuels for its production and maintenance. Oh, and nevermind the fact that the energy is still powering ever growing industries that exist by extracting from the natural world.
    Not good enough Amazon and Google. In fact, nothing you ever do will be good enough as long as you're still making money. Start dismantling civilization and help ecosystems rebound, that's our only real solution.

  5. the alex donation stuff which idiot comes up with that idea that device have been listening to convo secretly from the beginning now u are adding bank a/c and other personal info to it wow cant imagine how fuk up it will be when it get hacked or when google leaked its data center

  6. I hope France succeeds with this ruling. Many other countries (such as Australia) have laws that make those sort of things required by Steam and other such platforms, but nobody has really done a lot to make companies such as Valve actually budge. If these changes happen, it'll be a positive change for consumers.

  7. was nice back in the day when you could purchase used games for cheap. some games now are 5-10 years old and still full price.. total war/dark souls titles

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