Trading Bitcoin w/ Willy Woo & David Puell – How Bill Will this Drop Be? by @ToneVays
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  1. Tone, hope could learn more from Willy. You are a little stubborn but lucky you have good traders around you and could buy Bitcoin early.

  2. I prefer your solo video's Tone, Puell looks disinterested and is very boring. Keep Willy Woo though as he knows his onions.
    Love yourshows

  3. "As traders"? No disrespect Tone but you're not a trader anymore (not for a long time anyway). No skin in the game apart from your HODL. You're an analyst with great views, including fundamentals, and amazing guests – traders and fundamental guys. I have a lot of time for you, hence i still i keenly follow you, but you're not a trader

  4. Tone, you are not going to see your "it must pull back to where I sold thinking I was smart than the market" target. You're letting your feelings cloud your judgment, though I do appreciate your opinion regardless. So happy to see Willy speaking some sense. Any close below 128 day, or 200 day best case scenario. Any substantial lower close (a week), sub $8500, and it's time to take your ball and go home.

  5. You guys with the "never ever went bellow in past bull market" are hilarious ! So it will go bellow the 21 and bounce back from let's say 200 daily ma what's the big deal.everyone and their granny watching that lousy 21! probably won't hold

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