Chefs Vs Normals Review Kitchen Gadgets | Ft. Rhett and Link

Whilst in LA we couldn’t pass up the chance to review some kitchen gadgets with Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning. There’s some special ones in store.


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  1. I want to see another pass-it on video 🙁
    With something new, something borrowed, something old as a theme.
    Like an old fashioned dish, that gets a new twist. Borrowed = use an item from the previous chef and do something with it (no throwing away food).
    Order = hand size (small first)

  2. Can you please just do this with Sorted guys? Kitchen gadget review is my favorite content of yours but your guests are just distracting. I don't go to this channel to watch other people. If I want to watch others, I'll go to their channel. NO more featuring other people, no more colab.

  3. Guys, you can't just have Mike say "That's a munchable cylinder!" while Ben is waving around a bright red tube of watermelon, you just can't do this to me.

  4. I think this is marketed as a food gadget for tax purposes, and, possibly, discretion. There's really only one use for a dildo, and everybody will recognize one. However, wine bottles are quite common place in the kitchen, and you could legitimately claim these are for saving wine. cover with some hand lotion, after-shave gel, or the like, and you've an evidence-free evening of spelunking.

  5. I think that vegetable peeler is for people that wants to "enjoy" themselves without alerting anybody that are able to see their purchase history.

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