Drone Racing's ACHILLES HEEL with Zoe FPV

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Zoe went from winning the first AMA sanctioned event in the US to a disastrous set of runs due to equipment problems in Drone Nationals. In this episode we hear about the early days of racing, about the infighting of the leagues, and about how that infighting set the sport of drone racing back and may effect it to this day.


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  1. Ok, not trying to be "that guy" but a friend recently called me out on this so please consider this a PSA. When you dampen something, you're adding moisture. If you're trying to quell vibrations, what you're after is "damping". A shock absorber is also a "damper" not a "dampener". So zip ties holding a camera damp the vibrations to reduce jello. Since he pointed that out to me, I notice that I was far from the only one who makes that mistake, and I was making it with full confidence, so I'll leave this here for those who actually like to find and fix little things like that in their own communications "toolkit"…??

    Mike, another great interview… I love watching and/or listening to your talks/interviews. Next best thing to me being able to have a conversation with whomever you happen to be speaking with. ? I like the way it comes across (to me at least) almost like casual conversation more so than a hotseat interview, and I assume that's by design. Very nicely done. Thanks Michael!

  2. Amazing interview! We need a grassroots race series. F450 flamewheel oval track racing spec style. Hold the races at college campuses, you have the oval track already there, bleachers, put up a net and boom Nascar style spectator sport. Some highschools could even pick it up. Cheap, school teams, the list goes on. I figured with the x-class thoughts of being able to see the drones this takes it to an affordable level.

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