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  1. I used to play the ladder mod/level for hours and all the mods that came out later adding pretty much every character including the fetts with jet packs and everything were awesome. It would be great if Nintendo let us mod the game.

  2. As fun as lightsaber combat is in this game, nothing beats force pushing someone off a ledge. In fact in the first duel in this video, I think if you time it right you can force push that guy as he's jumping over to you so that he doesn't make it

  3. Wait, this is coming to PS4 as well as the Switch? Sign me up! It won't be the same without PC developer console commands, i.e. cheats though. I loved using "g_saberrealisticcombat 20" ?

  4. Omg. The Jedi Knight series was probably my favourite series of Star Wars games. I loved this game so much. I think I still have it laying around somewhere.

  5. I played this so much a long long time ago. I think I must of cleared the game 5 times until I realised that you can change your fighting style with the lightsabre between light, medium and heavy

  6. I still don't get why developers have such a hard time recreating this gameplay (and Jedi Academy, specially), this is what a Star Wars fan want, not the fast paced, button smasher combat from The Force Unleashed and what (probably) would be Jedi Fallen Order.

  7. This game looks and feels more like classic Star Wars than anything we've gotten in many years. It feels like a pitch-perfect spinoff to the Original Trilogy.

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