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  1. It seems a certain part of 2013 is repeating in 2020 with a new Arkham game and The Last of Us. Interesting timing as Origins was in 2013 along with TLOU1. Just a odd fact ?

  2. Improved AI is the most exciting part of the game. We all know the graphics and animations are gonna be top-notch in a Naughty Dog game, we want next-gen AI where enemies are intelligent and react to the death of there mates.

    And can't help but think of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. I really liked Wildlands, the gunfights were swift and lethal. Bullets of both the enemies and player were deadly, animations were great. Breakpoint has improved animations, the gunplay feels great but AI is still dumb. In a "Ghost Recon" game, all that was missing was next-level AI where enemies get seriously alarmed when there are multiple deaths around them, and then they use intelligence and strategy to hunt down the player. Instead, we are getting another tier-based loot focused system. I like Ubisoft games but i dont like the direction Breakpoint is heading.

    Here I hope The Last of Us 2 will set new industry standards for Enemy AI.

  3. Thank you for the thoughtful, excited-yet-tempered discussion. It's okay to gush and be hyperbolic about the anticipation, but I appreciate the level heads. It's obvious that you're both huge fans of the game and are looking forward to at much as anyone. I'm so jealous that you got to get your hands on it! Five more months. FIVE MONTHS AND COUNTING!
    (level head… level head…)

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