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  1. The animations looks awful compared to the main versions.

    They are probably using a high definition engine that they used on the Vita.

  2. Just wow. You have the Witcher 3 on switch, and then basically this psp port of Fifa. You telling me they could not have done more?
    Greedy. PES has been better for years except for licencing (which can be solved easily) and animations.
    They have a chance to assert themselves on the Switch and they try it with this half assed attempt

  3. I don’t completely think it’s a pointless thing to do, I mean new Switch owners pick up the latest version but then again a roster update should be able to be a download update but the main issue is the price they are charging

  4. EA just wanna pump out those money from Switch players. After this you'll see they won't release fifa game on Switch anymore just like they did to 3DS.

  5. If Ur a real football fan following the leagues then this update is exactly what u want . Who cares if they changed nothing it's all about the updated stats . Those reviewing aren't real football fans they don't watch football everyday . The cards updated is ALL i want no need to change much just give me the card updates omg

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