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  1. This is cool for folks who never had a Switch and never plan on playing on a TV. I'll be sticking with my original though, as Nintendo online service makes swapping data between devices seem cumbersome from the few videos I watched on the subject. Once that is fixed or streamlined.. I might consider it.

  2. I highly disagree with you it drifts still and no rumble also why is it called a SWITCH it does not switch and a portable device and it basically like a bigger game boy

  3. Incredible Library? No. Smash Bros breath of the wild, Doom eternal is lackluster compared to PlayStation and Xbox shooters. Diablo 3 is cool and OverWatch is going to be where everybody that play shooters is at. There's a handful of remasters and touched up games that have been brought back. But seriously what incredible Library are you talking about? In a couple months everybody will be on OverWatch, Pokemon and Smash Bros,

  4. To have something that small playing Dragon Quest XI in all its graphical glory… just wow. We have a light and a regular. 1. I’d never leave the house with the regular due to cost 2. The light feels way better in hands 3. In a house with 2 kids and 1 parent… we need options but we all don’t need to have a docking switch. For a multi switch household this item is spot on.

  5. I just bought the turquoise one. I already have an og Switch but this thing is so comfortable to hold. I love it. Yeah it was a totally unnecessary purchase but I like spending money and it looks cool. So now my og Switch stays docked and the lite is my go to handheld.

  6. Ive used mine HARDCORE since it came out I bought mine with the warranty just so I could abuse this thing and test it…My recent video…Ive played rocket league and cuphead for about 38 hours now and NOTHING has happened to my joycons…and its CONSTANT use and pressure on them….CHeck my recent video out for the polish of it.

  7. Arghhhh they always mention the mind blowing ability to play Zelda, doom, Skyrim, etc….but nobody ever mentions dark souls, it is amazing on the switch, the visuals alone beat all of those other games

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