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  1. I remember being so hyped for the first game. Sadly I never played it but that game looks better than this one imo. This game looks like it's trying so hard to be borderlands. They should make a goty edition of this and include a remstered version of the first game

  2. The false advertising used for this game was enough for me to trade it in. "Everything is drivable" yet hover boats and king squasha are not ??‍♂️??‍♂️ okay….

  3. I hope the island is small yet cool to explore or have more stuff in it like friendly npcs or some cool sites because the original's problem was that it's open world was so goshdarn boring and it's driving so goshdarn clunky it's a chore to maneuver but oh my gosh the weapons feel great!

  4. 0:44 one if the best shooters ever? Yeah right!!! ID Software it’s ok to let go of this failure of a game. I only give a slap to the wrist for making DOOM FUN AS HELL but RAGE 2 is dead! Rage 1 was ok, the post apocalyptic setting was ok with a horror vibe sprinkles on it. There’s no need to drag it more further than 6 feet below the ground anymore. May you Rest in Pieces Rage2

  5. Without the Open World and more Horror Atmosphere like in Rage 1 would be much better . I hope they do so in Rage 3 if they ever bringt it

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