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  1. Whoever didn't play the last of us 1 you will have the chance to when it become free for ps plus enough time to know the story before 2 comes out for all the new fans

  2. I never thought I would say this about anything since Cyberpunk 2077 demo reels were released, but I'm looking forward to this game just as much!
    And then there's Death Stranding, Star Wars Jedi, and FF7! That's five possible 10 out of 10 games – (for me)!
    The next 7 months is probably going to be the craziest time in gaming that I've ever experienced!

  3. If this game get a demo on ps4 i will not play. I want whe whole experience in feb. And im not gone whatch YT for spoilers. Other games i don't care. But this is the game of games. This is the only trailer i gone watch.

  4. The campaign for this type of game is not that hard to sneak around & kill enemies while crouching quickly behind them.
    I know because I beat professional a few times on the last game.

    The enemies are not that active from a distance when sneaking around.

  5. i enjoyed the first one, but im worried they are just going to try too hard with a lot of unnecessary where the worst that can happen, will happen. Joel will probably die for shock factor which is not only dumb but typical.

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