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  1. every channel always saying this camera that camera but the real camera is made by sony and xperia 1 is really the best one for natural color even better if you set to manual photo not like note 10 or other phone with smooth software

  2. Best all around smartphone to date has to be the iPhone 6s. It just replaced the old iOS while single handling ushering in a NEW path for iOS to go down. Some wld say tht the 6s just caught all the iOS users up to date with what Samsung had been doing for yrs but Thts very debatable. Some wld say on the opposition side tht iOS gave Samsung the ideals with the iPhone 4 & Samsung “jumped the gun” while the tech wasn’t totally and completely worked out w/. The reason I say this is I’ve had friends go through 3/4 phones (Samsung/LG/axis/etc) and in the process I see this happening while I continue to work off the same phone Thts typing this right now.
    I’m not bias. I just prefer iOS. <THIS IS JUST MY OPINION & Mine alone. I hope NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE.> have a blessed day. ??????

  3. Mate 30 pro is the best. Only in display section note 10+ is in ahead but in the rest option like camera, processor, battery,charging,os, features mate 30 pro can beat note 10+, so mate 30 pro is number 1

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