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    I've been a raw-shooter since day 1 of iPhone supporting raw format, simply because I can make better manual adjustments than the image processor could. However, with the recent iPhone 11 Pro, I started to question if I can beat iPhone's algorithm (not in terms of artistic treatment, but the speed of adjusting the image to the best starting point possible), because so much has done behind the lens automatically to increase the dynamic range, removing lens distortion and enhancing the colour accuracy, it seems almost counter-intuitive and waste of time to throw away everything the algorithm has done (extremely well in most cases) to start from ground zero.

    While the purist side of me is yelling raw support for all lenses, but I'm definitely seeing myself starting the workflow with the software processed image more often from now.

  2. I think all brands can do whatever with the hardware and go crazy….but the most important is to make good software that actually allow utilization with the hardware ….other wise it is just a piece of pretty junk….

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