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  1. I bought one of those AT Games units – the Pitfall version – knowing that it was pretty cruddy, but a nearby Walmart was selling them for $5 on clearance. I figured what the heck.

  2. Photography is a hobby of mine, but ever since I entered the smartphone market in 2010 I pretty much stopped using and buying digital cameras. I think I totally switched over 100% to iPhone cameras only back in 2012. The only thing I miss is a good telephoto lens.

  3. “The best camera is the one you have with you.” …. in that sense, smartphone cameras are great in a pinch. But if you’re going to set up lights, a background, mic, etc., it’s worth using a dedicated camera imo. Phones just aren’t as good and the glass and sensors just don’t compare.

  4. hey lon, earlier today i looked at some videos of pc users who had servers 130tb and up
    which is quite remarkable considering what it is used for
    though, considering that people could take multiple 10tb harddrives and Put them in computers as part of a Home theater server
    to the average plex server user that uses stuff Below 10tb, it probably would be a fun thing to explore
    just to compare it easily to a Nas

  5. Concerning ipad RAM, or lack thereof, what annoys me is not so much that it makes it slower by reloading apps, but that you lose your data in the process. On my 2GB RAM ipads when I start writing a comment or text then move to a message or something else I sometimes lose what I had written… This does not happen with my 4GB or even 3GB ipads (I have 7 ipads…in different size/ generations…)

  6. Excellent!

    Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it ?

    For the migration of the files to another synology, my situation is similar to yours. But with one small difference: NAS> Backup – rebuild a volume with BTRFS – Backup > Same NAS (but same problem at the end)

    In my case, I have a d916 + with 3 disks currently (in SHR1 mode). What I thought to do (now that I know that plex can be easily saved) is to put a 4th disk of 4 or 6 TB, create a secondary volume on it, save the data of the first volume on the second, remove the disk with the backups, rebuild the first volume in BTRFS, put back the 4 disk with the second volume, and transfer the files in this way…

    My second idea is simpler (but I do not know if the transfer rates are slower). Plug the a 4TB (or more) drive with â SATA to USB 3 cable to the nas, and save all of the files that way.

    To save the system configuration, I know that the tool in "Update & Restore" does not save everything (especially for non-synology applications). What I do in general, I take screenshots of everything. It can be tedious, but it allows you to not forget anything and restore the configuration exactly the same as before.

    I do not know when I'll try all this, but knowing that Plex (which has hindered me so far) can be easily saved motivates me a little more to finally do it.

    Keep up the good work, I really like this channel! Very informative and helpful.

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