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  1. I literally thought he was actually doing a family impression instead of the product family ?

  2. Lack of Thunderbolt 3 on ALL of these devices make these useless to many. Many Pros have 10G NICs, eGPUs, and AVID Pro Tools or Red Rocket X cards. ALL of which require Thunderbolt 3. I can't believe that you are making a big deal out of type-c, it might as well be USB 3.1 Gen 2 type-A.

  3. Is that a new surface mouse 6:03 ?
    Im a sucker for haptic feedback in mouses and been it since the old Logitech MX Air when scrolling stocktickets and depths in realtime-quote-streaming-programs and went for the Microsoft Surface Arc edition touch mouse, simply because it also had an rumble like feedback, when fx scrolling, but just purschased the present Surface Arc mouse ánd it i seems they ditched that haptic feedback and a factor many reviewers complain about and if Microsoft didnt understand that it was one of the bearing features alongside the folding formfactor on the Arc Mouse, so if they are bring a new surface mouse to the market, could be nice if it again had ome kind of feedback.
    btw be careful with these micrsoft surface edition Arc mouses if you planning to use them with Android, it wont work… Android take them as a input device (red keyboard) and not as a mouse and not way to circumvent it..

  4. I mean man that dual display make more sense than the galaxy broke.

    A iPhone and a dual display product perfect combo. I would rather runs windows instead android

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