4 New Chrysler Cars to Be Sold in 2020 before the Brand's Inevitable Axing

Even though the FCA group carries Chrysler in its name, the brand itself seems to be constantly struggling with low sales and balances on the verge of being axed altogether. After all, not many car makers have only three models in their lineup with some of them year after year making it to the discontinuation lists. That being said, the American carmaker is still alive and has refreshed the models selection for the 2020. In this video we will be taking a look at the upcoming automobiles and will try to determine whether Chrysler deserves yet another chance to exist as an independent brand!
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#1 2020 Chrysler 300

A bunch of automotive media outlets, us included, have reported that this distinctive muscle sedan Chrysler 300 has outlived itself and will be definitely discontinued in 2020. But, to our surprise, the second generation of the model soldiers on into the tenth year of production, as usual with minimal changes only.

#2 2020 Chrysler Voyager

Following the commercial success of the brand’s Pacifica minivan, Chrysler decided to introduce another family hauler to the market. Named the Voyager, the car is a rebadged version of Pacifica’s lower trims that will occupy the entry level position in the range.

#3 2020 Chrysler Pacifica

In today’s world where crossover SUVs and trucks brutally dominate sales, the fact that a minivan can be a brand’s best selling model raises an eye brow. That said, the Pacifica is a great family 7 to 8-seater with 32.3 cubic ft of cargo room.

#4 2020 Chrysler Portal

The Chrysler Portal all-electric MPV concept was first presented by Chrysler back in 2017, but rumors suggest that the company is finally ready to start its production for the upcoming model year.


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  1. Chrysler invented the minivan and the Pacifica is one of the best in the market. The 300 is Iconic and will be in place until the come up with an ev alternative. SUV & Sport Ute trends will tire just as the minivan craze mellowed. Ev Coupes will come into vogue as people overcome range anxiety. The portal is brilliant as it not only offers ev capabilities but is multi functional autonomous, which means in terms ride shearing or parcel delivery it would be capable of both.

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