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  1. Challenge: provide a foldable display which would turn a smartphone form factor into a tablet form factor.
    Microsoft: erase challenge and do something irrelevant to a foldable display.
    A dual display device is not a foldable device.

  2. Isn't the point of a folding screen to NOT have discontinuity/bezel between the screens when fully open? Otherwise its just a device with two screen, and feels awkward if used for any "full display" actions.

  3. I think the concept is ok but I just do not understand why we need foldable phones. I see that there are some advantages to that, but at the end of the day, foldable screens do not have much over regular single screen phones.

  4. I wanted a phone with screen proportions of the original Galaxy Note from when it launched… & now it seems that Microsoft will do that, which makes me really happy

  5. I like it. Seems like you can get a lot of functionality to come out of it. Hopefully the collaboration between google and Microsoft will still be Microsoft like.

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