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  1. No. You can’t trust him. At least when it comes towards his opinions on Apple products. he’ll use any chance he gets to take a shot at Apple even when he’s reviewing android phones. In stead of asking why can’t Apple make a cheap phone like some android flagships, he should be going after Samsung and google on why they charge so much for their flagships. He’ll also point out how Apple doesn’t invite him to their events. He is entertaining with other products but he sounds like a whiny brat when he talks about Apple. I love tech and watch most of his videos.

  2. I'm waiting breathless l to see if you trust Louis Rossman? I heard you complain about his negative attitude on the Live Stream and on Facebook. He is, as you pointed out, definitely, a New York person. He is going to reach one million subscribers shortly.

  3. Unbox hypes everything. I don't dislike his stuff. But everything is the "future" or "awesome" over there. Everything is sensationalized. Just keep that in mind when watching his videos.

  4. My main issue is that he’s biased against Apple to the point where his claimed are misinformed.

    He claimed that ‘sweat glistening on the skin ‘ caused Face ID to fail (not how Infared technology works)

    He also compared the faceID sensor to Oneplus just using the front camera and was like “OMG ONEPLUS IS SO MUCH FASTER “ while failing to address how much less secure it is.

    That’s unacceptable for someone who can influence millions on where they’ll spend their money

    I’m sure he’s salty about not getting invited or getting free product. But dude, what did you expect after all the negative publicity you keep causing for them? No company would reward you for stuff like that.

  5. Maybe you can't say it Jason, but I sure can! Lou has turned into a hack it's as simple as that way too much money earned for so little information!???

  6. I went through hell a few years ago and if I learned anything during that time it was that we are slaves to these devices and in the end they don't matter in the slightest.

  7. I definitely think he can be trusted. We need someone who bring the real to the game. I see him as someone who shows you what good a product has to offer but is not afraid to point out the negative points either.

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