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  1. This episode of H&P was recorded the DAY before Oculus announced their USB tether for Oculus Quest! So when we pointed out the big gap in the market there, apparently they heard us. Oculus, I'll be expecting at least a 10% cut and a free headset + cable. You're welcome.

  2. All we have as of yet is a proof of concept. VR can work, and it can be a quality gaming experience. Now we just need devs to actually make top tier games for it instead of what feels like a bunch of "well lets see if we can get it to do this" experiments.

  3. I forgot to add in response to the "no games" criticism, no man's sky now features VR for the full game and people are giving rave reviews. You can play that for 20+ hours easily and possibly 100+.

  4. People always chant AR, but it's eons away to achieve that scifi dream. VR is here now and there are many amazing experiences, including the very soon to release, within 2 months or less, Oculus AAA stormland and Asgarth's Wrath, is the approximate name of the second one there. These have 10s of hours of play like a normal console hit. Very high Polish and good hands on prerelease reviews. If you don't have Oculus gear, quest or rift, you can use the free revive to play on Vive and index, likely within 3 months after release, if not instantly.

  5. Valve's flagship VR game, 1 of 3 that they've confirmed, is launching soon within about 6 months and early reports say it has a higher difficulty curve for brand new VR design frameworks and gameplay possibilities and multiple playthroughs are really fun once people figure out the new way to play games. Since valve also made one of those really fun bow and arrow games in their free the lab demo set.

  6. Have you guys not tried the valve index? Flagship finger tracking, up to 30 ft sq play space, optional wireless probably coming soon, 130 degree fov, up to 144 hz that Linus tech tips said his wife can finally play on that and not get sick and have a good time in VR finally.

  7. You're wrong about pixel density – we want to eliminate screen door completely so in VR we can replace monitors and all other screen tech and do actual work, monitor work as well as games. It's annoying to have to take the headset off to do all other normal monitor stuff.

  8. The htc cosmos is like the quest, but you put your phone into it for power, although they haven't detailed that beyond marketing materials. Otherwise it's a pc headset. Im still waiting on more news to decide. Oculus quest seems like the obvious choice, especially with coming PC cable support for full pcvr games and finger tracking with no controllers required, but I don't want to buy all the same games at high Oculus prices to play the same games mobile. Even beat saber has tons of paid dlc song packs, so it is a pretty big concern.

  9. It's true that even in the us, room space can be an issue, which is why the VR arcades are so popular. That's a great option for people instead of buying all the gear themselves, they can pay $5-10 a pop on the weekends. Oculus quest now fixes all these hassle and space problems of course.

  10. It's wild because I have my history of troubleshooting in VR from the dk2 days and I had to Ctrl tab, etc into different monitor screens and it was a nightmare, but we got 6 games figured out. Vive was light-years better and I've only ever had to click a software menu reset button 2x after years of use, to automatically fix problems.

  11. People complaining about the htc Vive setup, including you here, it's like, have you never in your life built anything, do you demand instant gratification? It's very silly. It's a one time setup of 30 minutes say and then subsequent times are only clearing the space, like you would for working out at home. People complained about the 7 cables, but everything was color coded and labeled with little flags XD I kept my wire box always plugged in when traveling for easy setup. I also did parties a lot, so I used tripods for mobile setup and I could do it all anywhere in 20 minutes, much quicker than setting up rock show gear or 4 console lan parties.

  12. I never tried dk1, but dk2 is quite funny now looking back to our demo party we had – seated, mono audio, no controller, just looking around. I also got epic simulator sickness from one of the early demos, so I had to go to the beach for a few hours to relax. It was a bizarre feeling like being hungover and detached from reality.

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