SG106 1080p Optical Flow FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This inexpensive camera drone includes automatic position hold along with optical follow me feature. Find it here

– It’s relatively inexpensive.
– 2.4 Ghz FPV that should work with most phones.
– 3.7V 1600mah battery provided me over 15 minutes of flight time.
– Optical flow sensor that provides automatic hovering of the drone without pilot input.
– FPV video and recording to your phone is accomplished via the Hfun app available on Google Play here and iTunes here

– Camera is pointed downward approximately 30 degrees to avoid viewing the propellers. However, this makes flying FPV and viewing the horizon difficult if not impossible.
– No SD card capability. Records via WiFi with inherent WiFi lag and frame dropping.
– I flew the 1080p version. However video is recorded in 720p only. 1080p refers to the still images which are 1920x1080p resolution. The images also appear to be interpolated screen grabs from the 720p video.
– Requires gyro calibration before each flight.
– Battery is very loose and easily pops out.
– The optical flow sensor would easily be overpowered and allow the drone to drift in the slightest wind. The drone also had difficulty in forward flight in the wind. As such, this drone may be best flown indoors, or outdoors on windless days.

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  1. Hi there,
    I have a little problem with my new SG106.
    I unlocked the two joysticks 1 down-left and 2 down-right the paddles starts and the copter is still on the floor. When I'm trying to lift the copter up (left joystic forward), it doesn't lift up. It rise about 5-10 cm near to the floor and goes forward.
    I just want to lift it up infront of me first to try some simple move but it goes forward.

  2. ..hi, again great video. Nice when u hear&see someone who know what he talking about! Keep doing the good work .. Thankx, great day 🙂

  3. I should have seen this video before! I bought this drone but I'm not really satisfied.
    Long endurance
    Gesture works quite well

    Optical flow doesn't work
    Optical follow doesn't work
    Low quality video and pics (jjrc can do better even with 720p cam)
    Very slow
    Very fragile (especially gears and gears' covers)

  4. Just got this one and when i use auto take off it keeps drifting randomly & does not stay at one place. how do we correct it??

  5. I just bought the Holy stone Predator for $35 Its super small and the single battery only lasts for about 10mins of flight, & flies Lop-sided. Thinking about exchanging for this model

  6. I have the sg700 and I agree about the controllers needing a switch. removing your phone every restart is annoying. also I have noticed many bugs on my sg700. with some phones the video is pixellated, and only once after an update has the video been in real time. usually it has a delay of 3-5 seconds which makes fpv impossible. also mine has randomly dropped out of the sky many times and I cannot recreate the conditions that make this happen. one time it was during a long descent so I thought a long hold down on the left stick did it, nope never did it again. sometimes I think it is out of battery but if I hit auto take off it is right back in the sky. at this point it is the drone I fly when it is rainy or snowy or a little windy and I am just playing in the backyard. hard to trust it. however the optical flow is spot on on the sg700, hands off the sticks on rate 3 to give it a chance in wind and it will hover all day.

  7. Thank you so much!

    This drone has a lot of potential, but unfortunately not a lot of performance.

    i believe on a wifi extender and a different app – the VSG900 App, along with a bluetooth controller, this would yield a better performance.

    Thanks Again!

  8. Pros: flip button is rad as hell
    Cons: flip button works only once ?
    But on a more serious note, camera quality is actually quite decent for a toy drone, none of that fake 720p potato stuff with really bad MPEG compression. Acceptable framerate, too. Shame there's no SD card slot.

  9. I disagree,. It's not relatively inexpensive…it's cheap. Problem is others have it beat all day long. Nonetheless, a person could do worse. Hey for 30 something $$$ it won't break the bank. Hey thanks for the review.

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