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  1. Will finish up my final thoughts on Friday on the twitch podcast.
    Lots of stuff holding this one down to Wildlands level for me. Though I can see people liking it.
    They removed the skill micros from the game but still have a ton of stuff.
    If you want to come join team ACG we would love to have ya

  2. Internet connection requirement to play single player was a no go for me from the start. Who wanted division esque systems in GR? I guess Ubi did.

  3. Just watching any gameplay videos of this game makes me bored to death. There's something mismatched visually like how wooden running and other animations are and how dull and samey every environment looks despite great graphics

  4. Guns, RPG elements and human enemies has never made sense in gaming. It's either you shoot them in the head independent of level, or you shoot them in the head and they keep coming like they're not human. No win situation.

  5. I definitely appreciate your review. I have and love the game but totally understand what you mean. Me and that chair in the corner with the fucked up legs waiting to rock. Lol

  6. if this game really isn't the struggle for survival through the muck like they were advertising it to be….
    then i don't want this game even for $5. that's the game i was interested in and if it isn't that, i don't want it.

  7. Tom Clancy must be rolling in his grave. The first handful of GHOST RECON games were exquisite and revolutionary. Cant wait for ''Ready or not'' in 2020

  8. If only this game took away all the loot crap and just made it really realistic and focused on realism and the whole survival thing. It seems like they were gonna go that way but then half way through changed direction. So disappointed.

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