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  1. I make sure that my phone is at least 10cm from my eyes. The #SoftKill list goes on and on:-

    Smart Meters
    Blue Phosphorus LED Street Lamps
    Autonomous Cars
    Electric Cars
    Big Pharma Crap Drugs
    Musk/Ray Kurswhile (AI Brain Chips)
    DARPA AI killing Machines.
    HAARP & Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons (Climate Change Hoax)

    Etc, etc

  2. My question, and I think I know the answer, this how did they come about with the ability do you use the mind with the vision to be able to use a virtual reality visual for blinds and seeing impaired people? Did they do this by experiment with consent of the people or did they just rape the freedoms individuals without knowledge of said individuals to use them as experimental guinea pigs under the guise of doing something great for Humanity? We should not consent. I do not consent!

  3. Good info and good video! Deborah is a great interviewer! And how does Deborah put one of those contraptions on her head and then she takes it off and her hair still looks great? Wow!

  4. "Tools" – Yes, of "The Great Deceiver"

    Sorry for going off subject, but that man's overgrown Al-Qaeda inspired beard, was a definite self uglifier, and distraction.
    Groom it Osama!

  5. Wow!! Something to chew on for sure. It really makes a person consider what bulbs are in their homes (hopefully) and how lights everywhere impact our delicate eyes. Thanks for this, Debra!!!

  6. The corporate world has blinders as they run along their treasure hunts in pursuit of paper (money). They don't care of the destruction of Earth and life. They are not natural.
    I'm very glad I grew up and lived my prime years at the time I did. I wouldn't trade that part of my life for anything.

  7. I hear some silly (trolling) questions and statements being asked and made by you Deborah on this Mark of the Beast Tech..please do not disappoint by hopping on their side of the tracks!!!

  8. yeah thats how they give diabetes to rats, hit them with about 2.4 gigahetz. pretty scary since he said they use the parts of a cell phone. doesnt diabetes cause blindness? so they want to continue hitting you with the gigahertz as a solution?

  9. Bamboozling the populace. Your perception of reality is enough. Your GOD given eyesight is ENOUGH. Be GRATEFUL. Moreover, skip the LED lights as their flicker rate is BLINDING. Rather seek out Dr. Jack Kruse, it is about LIGHT & WATER & more. Expose yourself daily close to sunrise & sunset. Your nails, fingers, toes, face to the sun. Lessen exposure to blue light from screens with free blue blocker software like f.luz. Wear blue blocker glasses. After sunset lessen your exposure to any light but especially blue light. Wear red glasses. No need to wear sunglasses during the day. Lessen your exposure to nnEMF. My background, I have worn sunglasses since I was a teen as I seemed prone to eye strain with sensitive,light colored eyes. Oddly in my thirties I developed CATARACTS. I had my brunescent cataracts removed in my forties. I now wear NO SUNGLASSES. Expose yourself to FREE SIMPLE EASY DAILY SOLUTIONS.

  10. I am not sure, what the "crime" is Debra. I hope you will do a separate video, by yourself, no background noise, or general confusion, as this video seems full of distractions, and clarify how you feel this technology, is nefarious.
    I need you to pin point the "crime". Thank you for all your investigation

  11. 0:24 to 0:34 Says it all. Macular Degeneration elders subscribe to audio libraries. They listen. Smart glasses, Samsung phone inside the glasses using only the camera, screen and Android software sounds like an experiment conducted on the legally blind.
    Thank-you for your time and content

  12. Stay Away From These Products! Keep eyes covered with protection and natural eye drops for lubrication. I have Fibromyalgia and the inflammation is horrible in my eyes. Especially on trips driving. It puts a strain on my eyes and they get inflamed and swell with redness. Thanks Debra… I’m looking into the Blue Tech Lenses. Much Love for all You Do! Dear Lord have Mercy on Us All! ??????❤️
    It’s gotten so bad over the past 20 years and I’m only 52. I noticed floaters at 30 and hazy spots and 45. There’s days I can’t even wear mascara.. Dear Lord Protect your eyes. The NWO wants us Deaf, dumb and blind. ???? ????????
    Pray without ceasing. Somethings got to Give, we cannot continue on this downward demonic spiral. Sorry for being so long winded. God Bless You

  13. i dont see the difference between that and magnifying glasses. patriot viewpoint? these people are scum. i love you deborah haha "reporting live from another scene of the crime" haha and so true!

    he even said its made from a smart phone. its like attaching a smart phone to your face.

  14. Interesting
    VERY Interesting…
    My BROTHER had macular degeneration- moving a piano while suffering with juvenile diabetes he detached his retina -Insulin is a HUGE side effect to this it seems.

  15. Don't buy those products . Schocking.I can't look at a screen ,wach from the side .This wil be the end off us all. We live in the age of the sun (son) tech
    I has been before and rose again the nr of man 666 . The LIGHT.

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