Will Bitcoin Drop to 3K? (here's how you will know)

Could bitcoin drop back down to its 3K lows? Could we see a major crash in bitcoin that could take it to 2K? How can we know with a high probability? We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #AlessioRastani

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  1. You guys are actually surprise that it will touch its bottom again as it did before. I'm waiting with lures set just in case it dips that low for a few days. Fingers crossed.

  2. [FA:realtime] Onchain volume practically dead since weeks (layer2 argument doesn't really count yet) — i.e. barely any fresh fiat money pouring into the cryptomarket. Check e.g. Blockchair.com, Coinmetrics.io, etc.

    OTC is another aspect, for sure, but onchain volume and stats remain highly, highly vital for overall holistic assessments as performed by e.g. Blooniverse.com!

  3. So you're saying the closer Bitcoin moves toward $3000, the more likely it is to get there. Thanks for the information, never would have thought of that.

  4. bitcoin went from $20k down to $3k… so yeah it could go to $3k and it could go to $2k…

    it seems bitcoin happens to take off like a rocket around tax season when people get money in there pocket…

  5. Alessio, when I talk about commitment and when I say don't tell me what tell me when , you are misunderstanding me. You as a former GS trader are showing the Bitcoin chart on this video, and there just was a dump in price. But as a trader I ask where was your posted sell signal announcement ? What day what time what price did you get out ? That's what I mean by commitment. Talking about it does not make money, buys and sells do.

  6. i have a question after i tell you what i think: i like the way you look at it, and your technical analysis with an open mind to different scenarios; though i think it's unlikely to go under 6.3, further super unlikely to go under 5 but for fundamental reasons not technical.
    question: knowing it's really hard to tell how masses will behave, now isn't the fear of bitcoin disappearing altogether a big factor in pushing down a bear market? (i come from where i really read about BTC, follow its news, even own some, but no one else around me does, most people i meet are so skeptical about its survival altogether). if the answer is yes, then don't you think this fear (btc going to 0) is much less than last year's low, meaning the peak of that particular fear happened already while going down (from 20 to 3), and is now behind us? for that particular reason (of course added to many more wallets, and much more recognition) i believe the 3.1 is a bottom that is way less likely to be tested again, would you agree on that? or the fundamental part is not really reassuring enough?

  7. Alessio, i ike your videos very much, and have learn a lot from them, thanks for that, however it seems that as your subscribers increase, so does the non relevant content of the videos. its geting to a point where a 10 min video as 7 min of recaping of previous videos and 3 min of some small info (that will.b mentioned in the next video).
    I know viewers and keeping the past videos "live" is important but is getting to much.
    ill keep following your channel, and look fwd to videos with less "click bait" content

  8. Sina and Rom you’re both right
    Sina Sina exactly, half of the video is him being like existing kid trying to make himself look good and right by embarrassing others, That’s what a prediction is you can be right or wrong, in his case he is just saying it can go down or up something that everyone knows . And that’s not a perditions

  9. People need money to live as inflation is higher than income growth. There was no reason for growth and there is no reason for fall. There is no reason for bitcoin. Visa will make free payments in dollars and bitcoin is done.

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