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  1. the joke in his head is killing people. That's why people shouldn't ask him for telling the joke. Or asking "what's so funny?" Because when he laughs, he kills you in his head, and he thinks that is funny because for him it's a joke.

  2. I like that this movie made it so people can form their own opinions because that’s what the Joker’s backstory has always been. A mystery. But I like to take this movie at face value. I think everything that isn’t shown to be in his head is real. And the true mystery is whether he escapes at the end or not. And my big theory is that MAYBE this is Robert Pattison’s Batman origin story also??? All in all I love this movie. Great and heartbreaking story.

  3. joker got caught again, put in an asylum. Done. nothing to debate here. he jokes about planning to killing the shrink, thats why he said "you wouldnt understand".

  4. There has to be some significance of him smashing his head into walls/glass/etc. Early in the movie it shows the quickest flashback of him institutionalized smashing his head. Then at the end of the movie he’s institutionalized again. ??‍♂️

  5. I kind of assumed he just killed Thomas himself.

    Everything that happened after he killed the overweight guy was a delusion. The masked guy that killed the Waynes, that was Arthur.

    The death of Murray I don't buy. I honestly don't know if Murray was even real or just a fantasy.

    I think at the end Joker was institutionalized for Thomas's murder.

    Didn't love the movie but very thought provoking there.

  6. I dont think he imagined the ending. I think its payoff. The world only noticed him and treated him well when he became the symbol of chaos and anarchy. I believe he gets off on this and embraces it and fully becomes the joker. I think its symbolic that joker and batman are born on the same night. I think hes eventually caught where hes telling this story in Arkham to this person and some of the stuff might be off because joker doesnt remember his past well (like in the comics). Eventually he'll break out as always and face off with batman

  7. I don't know IGN, saying that the ending didn't happen or that Joker didn't inspire the city to go up in flames is a huge dismissal of what the movie is trying to say. Modern society is increasingly getting frustrated with their institutions that it's only a matter of time before the people reach their boiling points. What the hell are you guys talking about? Afterlife fantasies? Get real IGN.

  8. Or a possible theory is. He imagined the relationship and that's it, he was a much clearer narrator after he started becoming the joker and stopped taking his meds. Everything else actually happened.

  9. The movie played out in Arthur's head while he sat in Arkham talking with social worker. Batman is nothing more than a delusion of grandeur in the Jokers mind.

  10. I want to see a movie called, "The Waynes". This would show the Waynes in the morally grey light. Also Alfred would be a dark character. Set in the 50s thru the 60's. Elements from flashpoint timeline would be used. Thomas as Batman, Martha as Joker. Seen thru a serious lens of the Joker movie.

  11. He was an orphan with no name, who was given a name by his adopted mother. Imagine he’s an alternate universe Bruce Wayne, it puts a lot of things in perspective like Thomas Wayne, Bruce, and his affinity/connection to Batman. They’re the same guy with just two different life experiences, showcasing we are/become what we experience.

  12. During the final scene where Arthur Fleck said "I just thought of a joke…", then shows a scene of young Bruce Wayne standing between his dead parents… I think Bruce becoming Batman was the punchline…

  13. I guess the title mislead me to believe people didn't get the ending. It turns it out this video acts more as a review or dissection of the movie's ending etc.

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