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  1. Carlo please give me one for my youtube because i want to be a youtuber gamer but i don't have enough money to buy a phone
    I only have b
    Vivo y55s that's ild phones

  2. Definitely the Huawei Mate 30 Pro!!! Been wanting to transition to Huawei since I haven’t upgraded from iPhone 6 lol, just waiting for the right one and I think this is it! I hope it gets released in the PHL ❤️❤️❤️

    IG @moniqueespino

  3. i really love how dedicate how you love and how hardworking u are . your uploading 1-2-3 videos per day. Asus Rog II is my best dream phone so im really saving fr it and want to buy it soon.

  4. You're such a cool person because you're guesting these other YouTubers not only for a collab but to promote their respective channels too. Bless ya good heart Sir Carlo !

    IG: the_sad_biker

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