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  1. Will you be able to use custom songs for beat saber when using oculus link? I am planing to buy a quest, but one of the main reasons I want it is beat saber. Will I have to buy a rift s instead or will oculus link work as well?

  2. YouTube's been sending me notifications for all your videos for the last few days since I bought the Quest. I enjoy the content, surprised you're only at 9K subscribers. Subscribed.

  3. Regarding Cosmos, if HTC's CEO said it was aimed mostly at "Enterprise" market, then why is it so available in the consumer retail markets, you think "Enterprise" would put up with the issues the Cosmos currently has? Is HTC using the general public to beta test the product before making it available to the "Enterprise" market? As you mentioned Eric, the original Vive was a good headset and the tracking was flawless, but for myself, the lack of quality control (problem with a controller and a lighthouse) and the lack of comfort was reason enough for me to sell it. Personally, I think the Cosmos is seriously over priced for what it is ($939 in Canada), the Valve Index is still NOT available here (my interest in it is fading fast.) and now that Oculus is getting the problems with the Rift-S resolved, I am very much enjoying the Rift-S. In time, HTC will more than likely get the bugs out of the Cosmos, but in today's VR market, it's just another headset unlike the Original Vive where it was the Vive or CV1. I think HTC has a slow moving noose sliding over it's head on it's way to it's neck, they don't seem to be doing all that much to prevent it from happening.

  4. Hey Eric, you forgot the biggest reason for getting the Vive Cosmos it's getting wireless support. Sort of agree on tracking, my scores on beatsabre is not going to improve, still, those kind of tracking are mostly good for portability, warehouse scale etc. I think these cameras are mostly focus on the passthrough function, there are three ways of accessing them, and one is just a button on the headset, so like a mixed overlay kind of function. With the wireless adapter, index controller and the base station adapter, a bit of tinkering to get the screen closest to the eyes (eyelashes always have to caress the lenses, always), it might just be the best one out there, until index has a wireless version.

  5. Question: For beaton does that mean we can't use anything from sidequest or is it only associated with Beaton. For example can I still use ALVR from sidequest or is that not allowed?

  6. It was from my understanding that anything you side loaded immediately broke all connection from Oculus and they no longer have anything to do with whatever you put on your Oculus Quest. This would have included pentesting, experimental games, mods, and customized features in general. Adding a EULA to it seems rather contradictory to many points of that.

    Also, as a Rift S user, I'm saddened by the Cosmos fail. I was hoping for an inside out tracking head to head between Oculus and HTC but now it simply seems that the Cosmos was unloved from the start.

  7. Honestly I think someone's gonna do another version of beat on, and not care about the guidelines. Look at guitar hero mods, and so on. I'm not sure how any of the devs didn't see this coming TBH. I was hopeful that at least non copyrighted songs would be fine being added to beaton and the man(or woman) managing the software would have some kind of system where it'll detect copyrighted songs and delete them from the app. For example, if Skrillex wanted to give beaton the rights to his songs, that'd be fine. Or a different example would be EuroBeatBrony(now known as Odyssey Eurobeat) and his songs would be fine being added. Idk much about what's going on but I'd say just get rid of copyrighted songs and make a system where the OWNER of the software has to approve the song that wants to be added. Aka fan songs, vocaloid, ECT.

  8. I understand how you can get into trouble with custom songs on Beat Saber, especially if you have pirated a song w/o permission. I did get the warning message while test sideloading the latest version of Google's Chromium and Chrome onto the Go (w/ the Quest next on the deck), and I learned something of interest.

    Many open source google products (Android, Chromium, Chrome, YouTube, YouTube VR) make the Quest work, and the chipset is still Qualcomm's!

    Also, w/ Google's Stadia is ready to launch, and John Justice (a Google VP) said that it will be launched via YouTube in a recent interview, so I doubt that Oculus will be able to stop Google from playing it's Stadia cloud streamed AAA gaming lineup on the Go or the Quest.

    Beat Saber raised an important issue regarding using a smartphone based chipset on the Go and the Quest, if you don't create and fully own your own operating system from the ground up, and the browsers, etc., you are wide open to the likes of Google.

    It's the Trojan horse story all over again. Carmack (Priam) welcomed Google's open source Android, Chromium, Chrome, YouTube, and YouTube VR (the gift horse) onto the Oculus Go and the Quest (Troy), and one night, YouTube VR (Odysseus), opens the city gates and allows Google (the Greek army) and Stadia (Achilles) to cloud stream AAA titles on the Oculus Go and Quest (the conquest of Troy)!

    I think Facebook and Oculus are powerless to keep that from happening at this point by the way.

    That's just my prediction using Greek mythology and what I see as the true balance of power. I don't think Facebook/Oculus own as much as they would like, and by Beat Saber prompting the warning to sideloading developers (I got the warning too!), we (devs/modders) are going to start taking a look at how open source github repositories contributed to the Quest and the Go as well.

    BTW: If you're not sure where I stand on the "warning" issued by Oculus, 'I'm in the horse with Achilles ready to jump out and open the gates of Troy!' 🙂

  9. Yes as far as headsets you are dead right. We need at all times to push the envelope to get us where VR needs to be. The Vive Cosmos does not fit the bill in any way, shape or form

  10. The beat saber team needs to do this to all versions cause if I own a pcvr setup I would still be playing the modded songs only. All this is for the beat team to make more money. every one who made a mod for any platform beat saber is on would be guilty of piracy even though no one sold anything. The only people that would face anything would be the pirates. Does Microsoft, Macintosh, or Linux or any platform that can download a torrent also be guilty of all theses crimes.

  11. I don’t understand how there is liability issues with custom tracks? Didn’t audiosurf offer this feature like a decade ago?? Just do what they did

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