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  1. The problem with WWE is the writing is so garbage. No story lasts more than a month and hell they seem to completely drop rivalries and plots before they even get a chance to go anywhere.

  2. And this is the reason I'd rather watch NXT…unfortunately however the careers and potential of those stars in NXT may be shortly lived or capped after joining main platforms like Raw or Smackdown…smh what a shame..hopefully AEW steps up

  3. If I was a conspiracy theorist I'd start to believe Vince has stake in AEW. There is no other way a "wrestling genius" can botch one of the easiest booking decisions ever. Just give the fans what they want

  4. I stopped watching 4 years ago. Main reason was raw & ppv main events not ending with a clear winner.
    I was gonna watch this one but glad I didn't now.
    What's the point of watching weeks (or months) of storyline to have no clear conclusion at the end.
    Nothing to cheer for. Just a tune in next time vibe… Annoying.

  5. Don't bother watching raw as all you'll get about this match is the highlights and nothing else . Seth nor the fiend make an appearance and it was a totally pointless raw , probably because of the draft on Friday

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