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  1. I looks and sounds like if you did your research at the last minute,(Hey nico you got that cod video ready) NICO: yes boss, its uploading. download the game, played it for ten minutes, made the review, BOOM!

  2. A lot of people complaining, but let’s be real. It’s his job to criticize and compare to other platforms, and honestly I think this is a well-done video.

  3. I CANT BELIEVE HE GOT KILLED. Im sorry for the caps but i cant believed it. How bad can someone be to get killed playing against bots.

  4. The micro transactions are obnoxious, but this is honestly one of the best mobile games ever made. It controls leaps and bounds better than any other mobile FPS game, graphics are great for mobile, and it’s just a blast to play. I love it so far and I’m not even the biggest COD fan

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