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  1. I don't think the person that made the review understands Destiny…. I have been a destiny player since the first year of Destiny 1 and the way he described the grind, as repetitive and boring, is kind of wrong. The grind is repetitive yes, but it's not boring, the people that play destiny, like myself, actually enjoy the grind, the best thing about the game is its gameplay. The story, the loot, the visuals, they are all great, but the reason I and a lot of other players return to Destiny again and again is because of its addictive gameplay. I like killing the same boss again and again because I can see how easier it becomes as I get stronger, I can try different gear to see what is the best one for each encounter and I can defeat stronger enemies that will give me stronger gear to the defeat stronger enemies and so on and so on…. Plus doing all that with your friends is the best. You see, the difference between destiny and, lets say cod, is that you don't need to be focused all the time, you don't need to communicate about what you are doing all the time (like you would do in a competitive match in Rainbow 6 for example) you can relax and talk about your day or other things that consern you while killing hundreds and hundreds of vex goblins in your game. And if you desire a challenge, you can try to beat a raid or a competitive crucible match, in which you will need to communicate about the game.

  2. 1:32 is literally describing every Destiny DLC besides Forsaken. Don’t know why Bungie keeps ending the story at the peak of the rising action, then using Lore to finish it. Honestly it’s a really toxic practice and a shitty cop out for them, but you won’t hear the lore community complain because those betas get off on anything storywise regardless of if it makes sense or not

  3. Its weird how as soon as Activision left, people started praising this game when it still releases content that are shallow and have most of the same problems that plagued destiny as a whole.

  4. This dude doesnt know what hes talking about. There are many ways for you to earn powerful gear. Hell after the first week some players were getting close to 940 power or more. Its all about playing it smart

  5. This game is garbage. Reskinned raid armor, reskinned harpy boss fight from D1 vex strike and reused location. You D2 players are a bunch of hopeless losers.

  6. It's odd to me to hear a reviewer gripe so much about grinding in Destiny. I'd recommend that anyone who doesn't like grinding stay far away from D2. Yes, the ShadowKeep campaign is short but this is something that will play out over the course of this season. Even so, I play about 2 hours every night and still find plenty to do. I've enjoyed Vex Offensive and I disagree with the reviewer's take on the rewards you receive from playing. I've gotten a bunch of gear from playing.

    That being said, the gear is repetitive but that allows the opportunity to obtain several different rolls. I'm not sure what the point is of Ikora's Vex Challenge Seed bounties though because Offensive drops the same gear without having to fulfill the terms of a bounty.

    There are so many new things that came along with SK and many new things yet to be revealed and released as part of the purchase. I don't love all of it but even being back on the moon feels GREAT!!

    Anyways, those are my main disagreements with the review. And while my perspective is different, I still appreciate the reviewer for giving their view of SK. I don't mean to bash on anything, just giving my take.

  7. I wish I could play raids. I never got the chance then light lovels kept on getting higher to the point where I can't really do anything

  8. As far as sandbox changes for Destiny 2 they needed to happen. While certain weapon archetypes become too dominant others now have a chance at becoming viable for both pve and pvp. As for the review itself i feel as though a lot of things were overlooked in this expansion and frankly it improved a lot from Forsaken too. For me this expansion is a 8.5/10 at the most.

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