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  1. We discovered an issue with the compression of the original video during export and have replaced it to improve the quality. Apologies for the sub-standard quality but this version should be a better watching experience. Thank you!

  2. Ubi ran out of ideas after ac2 everything has been garbage except future soldier now its just far cry history version, far cry loot game version, far cry hacking version and now far cry ghost recon stop buying their games make them innovate

  3. Idk Wildlands, The Division, and Breakpoint are all the same formula; regurgitated. Ubisoft needs to revive their creativity or at least bring Sam Fisher.

  4. This game looks terrible graphically. I play this on my xbox one x and it looks like a 360 game. All of my friends who plqy it said they have no problem with the graphics but that’s what I was looking forward to the most and it pisses me off.

  5. I'm enjoying the game solo, almost completed main story, just taking my time, it will improve and im looking forward to the terminator event coming up, i suggest for people on the fence just wait a while it's got issues.

  6. It's funny, I actually listened to all the reviewers and what they had to say about Wildlands. Most of the reviews bashed the game and talked about how buggy it was. So I didn't bother with it. Then a free to play weekend came along and I thought okay I'll give it shot. Free is free after all. I loved it!! I realized the reviewers had their heads up their azzes. I've decided this time to ignore the reviews and just bought the game day one. I'm loving it!! I'm about 8 hours into it and haven't encountered any of the bugs described in the review? Anyway, so far I'm saying to hell with the reviewers and just go for it!!

  7. Hahahaha….you just described LITERALLY EVERY GAME….hahahaha….great review…NOT!!! How again is this related to the Division 2? It’s more related to Assassins Creed. Get it right if your going to compare please.

  8. I feel like this graphics could look better idk what it the character models look weird but the Jon as walker is the best and should have had more screen time and he’ll play as him

  9. Game is definitely fun with friends. I feel like Ubi felt that the people who would probably buy the game would be willing to stick with it while they made updates which I'm okay with personally, but I don't think should be the standard by any means. There is plenty to do and each location provides it's own challenges but it's definitely not for everyone. I loved Wildlands and I'd say this is following suit as far as it's release. I'm sure the following months and road map will provide quality of life improvements. Definitely wait to buy. However, I bought it and I'm enjoying it. Still, this review is fair.

  10. Mine has a bug of restarting me from the very first mission. Luckily the other missions you've done save and when you reach them you're given the option to skip. My friend bought this game and if it wasn't for playing with them I would drop this game

  11. Tom Clancy games were fun when Splinter Cell was the star. Now these pathetic new games are just pure trash. Why not make another Splinter Cell. Go back to your roots. Make Games great again. I miss hearing Michael Ironside's voice as Sam.

  12. Put over 20 hours into it so far, besides a few bugs the game feels and sounds great. Unguided mode helps too, instead of pings for every mission they give hints or make you find intel to figure out your objective which adds to the immersion. Maybe not everyones cup a tea i understand but the game definitely not a total disaster.

  13. Despite the MANY flaws in this game, I still enjoy the experience. The gameplay is extremely repetitive and the ending is very anticlimactic, but since Breakpoint is a large scale game, updates and DLC will come periodically and hopefully by the end of its lifespan Breakpoint will be far better than it is now

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