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  1. This reminds me of the time my cheap Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge's charging port broke. The battery was just fine, and recently my Mom had just broken the same model phone's screen (it was her "extra phone" even though it wasn't a work phone. She does that sometimes where she has a really nice phone, and a really cheap phone, and uses both even though it's not necessary in the slightest.) The charging port on that phone worked just fine. So I would charge up the broken screen phone, and when the broken charging port phone died, I would pull out the phones and swap the batteries. Surprisingly that was the nicest experience I had with that phone, and with still being able to charge the phone, I highly recommend this case.

  2. Constantly losing charge and getting it charged and electricity flowing in the battery at all times is extremely dangerous, I would not buy this product.

  3. Yes, but keeping a battery at 100% all the time will wear it out. The only scenarios I would find this useful is if A: the iPhone battery is already worn out, or B: The iPhone is jail broken and you can limit the battery percentage to charge to.

  4. Well they say that with this case the internal battery will not loose capacity because it is using the external battery, but remember that the battery is always charging the internal one, and there's two things killing a battery, the charging cycle and heat, and overusing a phone while charging result in huge heat and damaged a lot the battery.
    Plus having a battery not protected or covered, is completely dumb and dangerous, a key or anything that could possibly drill in, will result in fire.

  5. So many people need this, may clients have to have their iPhones plugged in 24/7 my old Passport and Key 2 lasted long, current OnePlus is a full day phone.

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