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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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Carl Eric Martin


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  1. Coinbase was very good… but in just 6 months has turned into a costly non-competitive exchange. Is this reflecting poor management or marketing? abusive profit? or bad economical health?

  2. BTC still follows a downtrend of lower lows in which it is connecting Descending Brarish Triangles, it is extremely bearish. It will not go up unless whales push it up.

  3. wow, this is great video, but please check new project based on MSME , they are doing really good they are Accelerating Growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Emerging Markets On BlockChain using TOKO.

  4. What yoiu clearly see in chart is called – Bear Flag – are you blind man – and bear flags 80% of time break to the downside – what TA analyst you are to give more precentage for upside

  5. 7600 looks like low support then bounce I can't see us going lower but you never know. The whales may have a differant idea and I think they may want to double their money again and push us back up to 15200 . We are just along for the ride….

  6. Carl I have a giant trade chanel on my chart June 3 2017 (3000), July 25 2018 (8422), July 6 2019 (13225) bottom line Nov 21 2018 (3410) ,April 20 2019 (5623), Sept 25 2019 (7628) FIB .382 level… What do you think of this giant rising channel ?

  7. Very interesting, great catch on those repeating patterns. I'd like you to comment on why you chose not to comment on the one hugh difference between them (size is a factor; the first is much larger) but the fact the earlier one has that huge runup and crash that preceded it, unlike the current one. // My "sense" is there are many, like me who are holding off (in limbo as you put it), waiting and even expecting a drop before jumping back in. There's been way too days and weeks of sideways action for any real momentum or trend to take hold. However, if we drop to $7700 again, I'm going to jump in with a "little bit," then watch. I personally think it will drop to $7200 and from there $6500, at either point, buyers will seize that opportunity and watch their money double as it rises to $13k or $14k in another very fast year-end run. Bitcoin is not being talked about with much enthusiasm outside of the community; it's a sliver on the overall pie chart of total assets. The runup we all hope for must include some really big news. Baakt and all that means nothing to Joe on the street. I hate to say it, but Bitcoin needs MAJOR positive press and maybe even a celebrity spokesperson who is convinced of the crypto future. My friends still don't get it. Millenials need to make it "cool," and so much more. TA and news of the day won't cut it. Average investors are very wary…they need a push other than another bull run to launch it to the MOON!

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