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  1. If it can fit in my pocket, then it's worthy to be a "phone". I doubt it can fit in my pocket. I'll stick with my Galaxy note 9

  2. Surface Duo is a dumb idea. Not as convenient as a phone. Not as media-friendly as a regular tablet. And Android isn't as productive as a Windows or even iPad OS.

  3. I agree, our smartphones can't really be called phones anymore. I've gone days without a phone call but I still used my phone everyday as a mini computing device checking email, reading news, watching YouTube, etc.

  4. You can make a phone call from ur watch but you don't call ur watch a phone…you call it a watch You can make a phone call from your tablet, but you still call it a tablet. You can make a call from a surface, but its just that… a surface

  5. That’s because it’s not a phone Lew. Besides what we call smartphones today are actually smart devices that have the capability to make phone calls because the use of the devices are far more than making phone calls over 50% of the time.

  6. I no longer own a computer a laptop or a television anymore. I'm 54 and all media goes through my large screen Samsung phone. It's obviously much more than a phone!

  7. It's definitely post-phone. Less of a phone and more of a small tablet. It's directed at people who use the multitask functions on their phones, but now they can have a full screen for each app. Also being able to turn it sideways and play games or have a bigger keyboard is a good feature. It's not a device for everyone, and I think we need to realize that. This is different from the regular $1000 phones that everyone makes with no bezels and no headphone jack that we have no choice but to buy because that's all that's being made. Those phones are made for everyone, but not everyone wants that. The Surface Duo is only for a niche market, and not directed at 16 year old Brittney who's had an iPhone since she was 10. This falls in line with the Galaxy Note phones. They're not for everyone, but the people who do want them appreciate that they exist. I'm just over here waiting for other specialty phones that don't sacrifice in other areas. Like phones with big batteries or phones that aren't made of glass that can actually take a bit of a beating like the Samsung Active phones. Or maybe phones for people who like audio so it has a headphone jack and a really good pair of stereo speakers. We need some kind of variation in phones because right now there really isn't something for everybody.

  8. What’s the big deal about this? LG is practically doing this now with current specs, and Axxon and Kyrocera did this before a bunch of years ago. No one bought into it now and honestly this doesn’t look like they are doing anything better with the concept. I like the idea, but it’s not Like LG is going gang busters with it, and it doesn’t do anything this one won’t do. Also the top and bottom bezels. Are they coming back in late 2020?

  9. Never saw it that way but it totally makes sense, not sure if this was Microsoft's real intention but yes! nowadays that must of our "stuff" (apps) runs in the cloud and less in our devices it makes perfect sense. “It’s just a surface”

  10. It's good that you guys posted this
    I had a talk with my co workers about this and they just said that it's a folding tablet.
    I told them that there is going to be a change. Hopefully Microsoft does make it out with a new phone. Since Samsung is already a head of them by a lot. They both have time to improve on their products.

  11. I’d like to see this as the Windows and Apple operating system is not that it would happen but it would be nice just putting it out there as an idea.

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