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  1. Linus were you out getting shitfaced with skimpy dressed girls in some fancy clubs? Or what is the meaning of that stamp on the back of your hand?

  2. Jokes aside, I know a bunch of people that'd prolly build their first PC with that "Modular" PC system. Plugging/swapping boxes into a central box would be simple enough/less intimidating than a normal PC that they might give it a try. The ones that have Gaming PCs either bought them preassembled or had me or other friend's build them.

  3. PC's are sorta modular, but to really be modular I think it should be possible to swap out components without ever seeing something like a circuit board, which means interchangeable modules. Plus, all the modules should be swappable without affecting the others. So if you wanted to swap out your motherboard module, just pull it out and put in another motherboard module, without touching the CPU module or memory module… etc. Everything toolless, obviously. Maybe even hotswappable depending on the part. A PC isn't so much modular as it is possible assemble and disassemble.

  4. I want a modular PCI-e card so I can attach a second mobo to that and then another to that and another to that, use remote desktop in a nest to view the one at the end from the first one and play a game with the greatest bottleneck in history

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