Bitcoin BREAKS Key Level and Drops to First Target… What Now?

Bitcoin breaks the key level at 9300 and as we had predicted, a break of this level would likely lead to a huge selloff to our first targets. So what could this mean now? We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #AlessioRastani

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  1. Awesome update, thank you Alessio. Thanks for the explanation and YES I have heard you talk in previous videos about the same trends and target points.

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  3. I took advantage of the dip and got more #tokoin when it dipped. I eventually got profit when price stabilised. There is a blessing in dips, look in the right direction and at the right coin

  4. Alessio you seem to always cover your butt by saying BTC can go up, may go down or there can be “wildcard.” So if it goes up , down or any direction, your covered. Now your reptile mind has to lash out and try to scold the viewer that noticed your uncertainty. Hence your titles with the always ending????

  5. You are sometimes wrong for a simple reason, nobody knows what the future will bring, unless you are a whale, whales can manipulate the price, you cant, so it all a guess. So dont do to wise because it would be a sign that you are megalomanic. Just my opinion, always let your doctor do the research.

  6. great video, thanks love it. thanks i actually follow @litecoin_bull on twitter, very accurate crypto guy, love his stuff.

  7. lol, u are talking like u are the only one who predicts this drop. Take a look on twitter, there are many EW traders who predict this drop.

  8. Thank you for sharing this great content bro. Meanwhile, despite the sudden dip The Bitcoin trading market is constantly evolving with new features, many trading opportunities and financial swings with sudden surprises around every corner.During times like this The best thing is to stay in shape and more important, don’t let anything catch you on the wrong foot and never get too emotional when trading. .Billy Thompson strategy allows for exit of trade prior to expiration, to take profits or avoid taking the maximum loss. I started with $4000 and I made back returns of $13,500 within 12 days of intense trading. He guarantees significant profits payout, you can reach him on ( Billythompsoninc55@gmail…com) if you're ready to start earning with his assistance. Crypto is the true free market. We have a chance to re-create to world for the better.

  9. Its going to be the wildcard scenario, we will find support somewhere around 6k, and towards the end of the year there will be a huge rally, just like we've seen in the past. The fundamentals, the slowdown of growth in the world and the shaky markets supports a bullish bitcoin.

  10. Thanks alessio. Your analysis supplement my trading strategy. I use more of your analysis as my guide. Because of that I closed my 2 shorts position this week with profits. Hehe God bless.?

  11. Just HODL until 2021 and ignore short-term fluctuations so you don’t have to waste your life staring at the charts all day like this guy.

  12. Thanks for the very informative detail on how this happened. I got into crypto this time last week, didnt invest my life savings but still all the same a tidy amount, and forgot to set up any stop losses, lessons learned and I will be watching your channel going forward for any more info like this to help me understand the market better and how it operates

  13. Taking out the moving averages and looking at the last two bull markets it appears we are easily still in a reaccumulation phase pre bull run. I know it has only broke the 21ma one other time in the bull cycle in 2013 but there are many other factors now that weren’t around in 2016 halving cycle. It appears that reaccumulation channel is between 6.3k and 11k, which makes a lot of sense actually. I believe we are still in a bull market. But may go to 7200

  14. The pebble stopped skipping. Total Crypto cap 1 day showing H&S indicating cap could half. I think your wildcard theory could be right because this will clean this sector up and wipe out all the Poo coins

  15. I always find these A B C waves to be so absurd, we've seen them all and i've never actually seen it playout. Like really? you're considering just 2 possibilities here and one of them entails a 2k Btc even though we've got the halving coming up. Time will tell, but I think your waves are stupid.

  16. Wow this TA stuff is all BS. "It may go up, or down and then up, or bounce around for a while." Wow great analysis.

  17. Got toadmit yougot it right Alessio, I was never brash enough to say that you were wrong but I was highly sceptical of what you were saying…. maybe that Elliot Wave is playing out after all……just a note to your watchers that Nem is getting closer to the big update called Catapult, this will probsbly be the best blockchain out there snd its flying under the radar right now….. just saying….

  18. In other words, the price will either fall or it will rise. “I will need some months to decide.”

    People always predict these things a day before or while it’s happening lol

  19. it happened alessio you are right. from now on i'll be listening to you i'll buy more crypto while it's down. i'll do cost averaging technique now. thanks alessio.

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