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  1. So this reviewer must have never played NFS Most Wanted… because Heat started there. Maybe it started sooner but that's the first NFS I played with heat and still the standard I hold all others by. Most wanted will always be #1 until the devs finally give me a cop chase to sweat about. I pray this game will do justice but something tells me it won't…

  2. Get this disappointment out my face. How about this quote IGN: Another boring NFS more specifically a cheap mashup of previous NFS titles. Finish the campaign then what? Cruise around on a biga** map with only 7 other players? What a JOKE. NFS is dead

  3. The game looks really slow.. not sure on buying.
    NFWMW 2005 has a great sense of speed along with the sound of loud roaring engines

  4. What .. Need for Speed Heat feels like the Dying Light … should need for speed heat there are blueprint engines, body parts, Zombie cars,, and cars can do parkour… ????"just kidding"!!!

  5. Considering the car list is basically composed of returning carZ from Payback and few new rides, they should have added other things from the past, like the Enzo, Zonda R, 300ZX, Carrera GT, Mitsubishi GTO, Reventon, Maserati Mc12, and other ricers… OH WAIT, that's Ea, so lazyness and old assets recycling at its best.

  6. Haven’t bought a NFS game since 2008s Undercover and haven’t fully enjoyed one since 2005s Most Wanted. Still waiting on one that just draws me in.

  7. This is not what fans have been ask for EA trash keeps pusing and insist
    in not making underground 3 this NFS is gonna be another fail need for speed must be
    at night only EA have to listen the community and making underground 3
    for some reason NFS Underground 2 is the best Nfs ever !!!

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