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  1. You can't make a proper Doom movie.
    I know people say "how hard is it to just have Doom guy killing for two hours?", but the truth is, you wouldn't like it.
    The Doom movie is considered cheesy, with many people saying the fps scene is the best part and should have been the movie. However, I 100% believe anyone would get bored of constant first person gore action after about 10 minutes. Hardcore Henry, a action movie filmed entirely in first person, was criticized heavily because it lacked proper story between the action shots. Action shots which became more and more nauseating and unimpressive as the movie went on.
    You (audiences) don't want to watch 2 hours of endless fps footage, you just want to play Doom. You might as well go on Twitch, find a Doom streamer, lower his audio, play the Doom ost, and there's your movie. See how long you last watching it before you just decide to play it yourself. The idea of a Doom movie is what you find appealing, but not watching one.

  2. I find it extremely rich bethesda distanced themselves from this film, due to its lack of quality. That pretty much summarises bethesda this entire generation.

  3. The only time I ever got into the Doom franchise was seeing Youtubers playing the 2016 reboot and playing it myself. I can't disagree with the fact that this movie isn't the most watchable, but despite all that, there is one specific things that I like about it – instead of mutants like in the 2005 film, they put demons. What I didn't like about it are the demons look nowhere near what they look like in the OG and reboot, same goes to Hell. And don't forget that their 'Gate,' looks man-made instead of ancient, rocky and other-worldly.

    Despite my opinions on this movie, I'm surprised by the fact that I even watched it 3 times since getting it. It's definitely an improvement to the original in 2005, but it wasn't improved enough to the point where we would enjoy fast-paced and gory action scenes. Don't forget that the main character's not a male, but I have no issues about movies having a female protagonist.

    There's nothing insulting intended here, please don't hate me for these honest opinions.

  4. Doom just really isn’t something that can be translated into a movie. It just works as a game because it’s a big badass middle finger to modern games and that’s the beauty of it.

  5. Is this the film where the "DOOM GUY", is a skinny little valley girl???? ha ha ha ha ha h ah aha, its worth watching just for the progressive lolz….

  6. Still going to watch it. The main issue with this just like the last one is low budget cash in on name alone. If this had a proper budget and decent writing with an earth invasion and doomguy nearby could be fun. Or better yet. A short animated horror film from the Demons perspective as Doomguy evicerates everything ending with a titan fight. shifting perspective during this fight to follow him somehow.

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