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  1. So many games are cheaper on the Go, like RUSH for example -£5.99 on the go, 14.99 on the quest. If I buy the Go version on the app before 31st December 2019 (even though I only own a Quest), will I get a free upgrade on the Quest?

  2. Nice, but I couldn't see any other headsets on the top on the library, maybe because I don't have a Rift or Go registered on Oculus ?

  3. Face your fears 1, aslo worth a mention if you have bought games in the quest store which have previously been bought on the go or gear vr, oculus have given a credit back in the store…

  4. I’m really loving how much support the Quest has been getting from both Oculus and modders. And with the pc link and hand tracking coming, I’m honestly probably going to get it over a Rift S. Thanks for the great videos dude!

  5. So, most of those games that can be upgraded for free for quest are also cross-buy enabled with Rift S. That means that if you own both Rift S and Quest, you can upgrade those games using quest and then play them on Rift. This situation kinda sucks for people who only own Rift S as there is no direct way to upgrade those games using Rift. Has anyone found any workaround?

  6. I have the 1st gen htc vive. I want to get either quest or index but unsure about either since I can't test them before buying. (no1 around me has either) :'(

  7. Great video Mike… keep diving and showing us the whole world of vr… I wish u can talk about oculus business and clarify it more to us…. Btw I think most of oculus quest players including me want an oculus quest's version of minecraft

  8. It took three days for my Quest to update. It's worth it, though, as the update improves so much. I do NOT like the new Passthrough mode, though, as the wobbliness of nearby objects makes me a bit sick, which is new as I don't get VR sick ever. As for the three dots (which I also really dislike), I solved that by getting rechargable batteries finally.

  9. I would definitely love to see Coaster Combat come to the Quest. Also Tsuro – the Game of the Path, Arca's Path VR, and Japanese Pinball VR.
    Another aspect of the update that wasn't mentioned: I really liked Real VR Fishing on the Go so I'd bought it for the Quest as well when it became available. Since it was one of the games available for free upgrade, Oculus refunded my purchase with store credit when the upgrade was applied. Quite a pleasant surprise since I wasn't expecting it.
    Of course, I would have been a bit miffed if I'd found out it would have been a free upgrade that I paid for twice and they didn't refund my purchase. 🙂

  10. I think we can all agree that the manual firmware update is probably the best change so far, I really didn't get the reasoning behind this whole patch lottery.

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