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  1. Best system ever created. With the best games ever created. Well, maybe I just had the most fun on it, idk. But I loved it. This video however, was really annoying. Why the double shot? Gives me a headache and I can’t even see what I came here to see!

  2. Even though in this day and age I've been using the Xbox from the 360 to my now current Xbox One S, But I still till this day feel the N64 was the best console ever… The games were great & provided so much entertainment not that today's consoles don't or for that matter past console's….

    But the N64 was just fantastic & while I'm sure we all have different thoughts on what we consider to be the best console…. I do think since the N64 that Nintendo dropped the ball badly, The Wii consoles look like something for little kids to play, The Cube just didn't look that great and now with the Switch coming out even that looks like it won't be that great either……

    Nintendo need to bring something out that looks as sleek and well designed as the PS4 and Xbox One S that has the power to produce many games and not just their own creations such as Mario….. I would love to have a N64 again that's for sure…..

    Keep up the great videos Lou, Love your blogs…

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