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  1. Bro, Willy is so bad at searching stuff trough google. For someone who holds laptop 24/7 around him, he is quite bad. Translating word from another language? Tf was that "game on french" or whatever he googled. Just type my man, it's basic. Huawei publised something on twitter "huawei french twitter". Tf man lol

  2. Can Anyone please tell me the information on the mic stand brand and name I’m interested on buying one but don’t know the name of it?

  3. Would have thought for latency theyd look at a bunch of players, take into account their ping and normalise between the lot so the stream operstes to the lowest common denominator of latency.

  4. has offered a gold card for years, and yes, it is solid gold. I can't believe you'd advertise this overpriced trash copycat instead of the original gold-backed card.

  5. I feel like Google is going to do what Google does anyway, build a profile of you as a gamer/user, your styles and habits. I mean they can learn more from you as a gamer than they can as just a regular Google user. As a normal user, there are likes and dislikes and places you browse. But as a gamer, there are thousands of decisions you make in a matter of minutes. Imagine 12 hours of gaming on a single game, on a single weekend, give that a month and I would bet they'd have enough of a profile to tell you what you will do in any situation, in game or irl. "would this person swerve a car to run over a snake?" Google can tell you. And then using this, they can predict your responses, before you even respond. And the more diverse you are in your gameplay, the better it will know you. Also, taking about if this will work. I think Google was looking at: "" which is another company who has been working on this kind of gaming since 2015. Once they saw it was possible, and would actually get a following, they decided to jump into things. Also you are wrong about metal cards not being able to do contact payments. I have a metal card from and it works fine for contactless.

  6. 00:00 Huawei has a new range of smartphone arrives.

    05:32 Apple stock reaching all time highs.

    09:45 Google Stadia will eventually have Back to the Future “negative latency”.

    14:02 The $20,000 gold credit card.

    18:29 Lews got a spected out Surface laptop to show us soon.

    26:05 Trump fixing his tariff disaster with the Chinese.

    30:50 wearable face projectors that mask your face.

    34:32 The $200 wagyu beef that was fed on the remains of pressed olives.

  7. translation "a new range of smartphones will arrive"

    and the light in the picture seems like it might be a flashlight under the screen
    maybe for the camera.

  8. 17:19
    The card is clearly labeled with its intended consumers: "WORLD ELITE," also known as the global elite. Yes, the globalists, the ones who hide their true wealth from the public, the ones that not only make money, but they print the money, the ones who really have no cares about earning more money because they already have more than what they could ever want or need (how much of a concern can money be to the person in control of printing the money?), the very ones who are building a prison planet, and a control grid. Yes, the very ones who are not addicted to wealth, they have long ago surpassed that level, rather they are addicted to power, and they constantly pursue more and more. Yes, the elites who have one agenda to create and implement a global government, a global currency, and a global religion popularly referred to as a New World Order. However, don't be fooled by the elites' minions and the manner in which they paint this New World Order . . . for it will not be about love and peace. It will not be some heavenly ideal Utopian global society in which war has been completely eliminated and peace reigns supreme. No, it will be quite the opposite!!! Yes, the puppet masters, the manipulators of reality, the hidden ones who have created, and perpetuated, many divisions within humanity to serve not only as a distraction from the elites existence, but also as a condition where the people can be easily manipulated into a false belief that one of those other groups is the source for all the woes in their lives. This division and placement of false blame distracts many of us from gaining knowledge of the elite's existence. Furthermore, with humanity being divided to such a degree, and with our false beliefs of who is responsible for all of the setbacks and struggles in our lives, most of us are too busy battling against those we have falsely blamed and dealing with our setbacks and struggles that we simply do not have the time to "research", or critically analyze the information we are normally exposed to on a daily basis to the point where we begin to form a truer picture of reality . . . which would lend itself back into seeking out higher quality information, and more analysis, and ultimately lead to the realization that the global elites are the true enemies of humanity. We would realize that the global elites are the ones nefariously pulling the strings behind all of the scenes in the world, while each tug serves as a tiny step in the advancement of their wicked agenda. . . and within this agenda lies the source for nearly all of the suffering and misery we experience in this life which simply should not be, or at least does not need to be!!! A newly gained understanding of old information, coupled with the pursuit of new, and higher quality information, will expand our awareness to the point of discovering our true enemies. At that point, we can finally shift the blame from the innocent unto the guilty, and it is only then when we shall see that the ones upon which we had placed unwarranted blame, are the very ones we should have united with in order to fight our true enemies . . . for we share the same enemies. Until we gain the true knowledge of this, that we are not each others' enemies, instead we share the same enemies, we shall never have the ability to unite against those who have been waging war against all of humanity for some time now.

  9. Do Huawei charging bricks compatible for Iphone fast charging? I Have a Mate 10 and Im thinking about using their brick on my iphone 8. What do you think bru bruh? Saludos from Mexico!

  10. 30:10 wrong, if the trade war don't get resolved now, Trump will lose the election, and the next president will re-negotiate with China and come up with a deal. Nothing changes, for anyone that didn't know, China was buying more than 100 Billion farmers good from USA before the trade war started by USA, they only stopped after the trade war. So after this 20 something month long messing around, China agreed to buy 50% of what they were buying intially…and regarding the opening up their financial service to, oh boy, this was the China's plan like 18 month ago? And they announced it BEFORE this most recent trade talk, so it has nothing to do with USA trade war, I have no idea how or why it is mixing in there, probably just Trump wants to make himself look better.

  11. anything china agrees to is all hot air. China will never implement anything in china or follow anything in the agreement and the US is too naive if they think otherwise

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