LG Stylo 5 Smartphone with Built-In Stylus Review – Inexpensive Galaxy Note Alternative?

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/d6m7z (affiliate link) – The LG Stylo 5 is a low cost smartphone with a nice 6.2″ display and a built in stylus. It works nicely but its …


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  1. It's good to see the SD450 getting to be more common. It is basically the popular SD625 rebranded and slightly down clocked. It's a good step forward for the lower market segments with eight cores at 14nm. I have a phone with an SD425 and the battery life on it is quite good and the performance is good enough for my needs. These chips won't suit everyone, but the SD450 should be surprisingly capable.

  2. They should rename this to LG no updates for your phones at all, 🙂 I think Motorola Z3 Force with 835 chipset 4GB and 64GB storage brand new from ebay for $170 is a much better option, unless you really need this pen for some reason

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