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    its a chance for others in the country to learn how to make them, then we can branch out and make it 100% African. another thing is, this company is not 100% gaining all the profits of this business or is it?> the government might have as well invested in this company to be part owner. what are the real dealings and agreements that might be going on that we may know nothing of behind the scenes?

    Understand one thing, when the Big American companies came to China, they set up shop, then the Chinese begin to get access to learn, and what was their next move from there?> The Chinese begin to learn the skills and trades and now they are producing their own in many areas. sometimes things are not as simple as they may look, but if u take a closer look, u may find that there is a lot more to

  2. This Hindi guy is really working hard, GOD BLESS HIM. I think he is the same guy who was on Ruanda when they launched their own, both smartphones are from mara owned by this guy.

  3. Stop fooling us. Infact mara phones shouldn't change that made in Africa tag. What the heck, trying to take advantage of CFTA market. Made. By India, foreigners and given a made in africa tag. Citizens of these African nations should dismiss these crap.

  4. Okay. This is all wrong. This is only manufactured in Africa by an Indian company using African labour. Why are you misguiding your audience with fake news? You think people are dumb?

  5. Until the headquarters is in Africa, The company run by African CEO’s then it’s not African. The annoying thing is that the African a producing phones and tech never thought to market their products in this way

  6. most of u r complaining about the race of the ceo if u also want to be ceo's then develop your own companies y'all r too lazy with corrupt presidents complaining about and claiming everything this will remain the poorest continent of all times why don't we do like China close our mouths and open our minds and start building our own things and learn to vote for good leaders that all if u fail to do so shut the hell up

  7. Impressive but whist I'm sure it could do well in the African market, I'm unsure if it will be able to compete in the global market.

    I can't imagine that the Mara phone being popularly used in other international cities like New York City, London, Los Angeles or Sydney.

  8. And who is going to Buy South Africans Cellphone’s??? Boycott those Xenophobic bastards .. never I will one I prefer Rwanda ?? Cellphone’s.

  9. If the Indians people are the one building the phones in Africa then Africa has not built it own phone yet i want to see made in Africa by Africa man not India man in Africa ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ but I must give them credit for trying

  10. it is really shocking how some people hate white people or laughing at how south africa is still owned by white people yet they are the ones who go to white people owned countries for greener pastures or for a better life because their so- called black leaders are slaving them and running their countries to the ground since they selfish, corrupt and greedy wow, the thing is i love all human beings i do not really care whether you black, chinese, indians or white to me it makes no difference, i think life is too short to waste my time hating people instad of appreciating the fact that i am still breathing by the grace of God as well as achieving my goals.

  11. CEO is Indian but was he not born in Africa so that also makes him an African so whats the problem here? If not, then by that very same logic, Blacks born in America are by definition not American either.

    What the problem seems to be is his race. Real fact, racist black Africans are upset that the CEO is not a black African but an Indian African (that is if he was born in Africa) is running things.

  12. People let's all chill out, the CEO is actually British and Rwandan, man has spent more than half his life in Africa….let's all just be happy for him coz he would have taken his business elsewhere but decided to stay here

  13. Well the development has to start somewhere. At least Africans are waking up, even though the foreman looks like an Indian . Nothing wrong if we said it’s made in Africa, it will become real when Africans learn from these Indians and really manufacture our own and name it Afrkphone (Aphone) but not maraphone.??‍♂️

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