How the Heck Do You Value a Bitcoin?! (w/ Raoul Pal)

Is there any way to make sense of bitcoin’s incredible rally? Raoul Pal asks Paul Brodsky, Chris Burniske, Nick Colas, Peter Brandt and Thomas Lee to lay out their frameworks for valuing bitcoin. With those methods on the table, each expert provides a forecast for what will happen to the bitcoin price over the next year, as does Raoul.

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How the Heck Do You Value a Bitcoin? (w/ Raoul Pal)

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  3. 18M Bitcoins have been mined so far, it is said that 4M BTC are lost forever, remainder = 14M BTC. The experts say that 30% of BTC wallets are HODLED, no activity in over one year. This leaves us with 9.8M active Btc. Satochi Nakamoto owns 1M BTC, HODLED indefinitely. Now we have 8.8M BTC. Do the Math floks, the price of Bitcoin is suppressed. There is or soon will be a shortage of Bitcoins. If this is so, we will find out in the summer of 2020 and John McAfee dream will come true.

  4. He was right, btc did trade significantly lower a year after this was published. These guys have a finger on the pulse! I feel as though a subscription may be worth it. 1 dollar for a 3 month trial..hmm.

  5. ???? Spoiler alert: Bitcoin is going to the moon. Don't waste your time trying to value it because I have spent many months and hours thinking of it, and guess what? It doesn't even matter. Just get long, you'll thank me by June 2020 ????

  6. Amazing. No mention of the biggest variable of all – its ALL built on drug money laundering. That's its foundation. Saves you pushing blood diamonds up ur back side.

  7. Real Vision team, hello am new on crpto. I have just one question which is puzzling on this crypto. If i exchange my dollar to bitcoin then i owned the bitcoin, which means that i am rich when bitcoin appreciates. My question is, who owns the dollar that i exchanged with, what happens to the one whom i exchanged with?

  8. Years Old. Mouldy, stale, almost nonsense. Valuable only to demonstrate that the 'experts' are really best at chasing their tails around and around. Consider the last two minutes then you may get some clarity.

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