The Apple iPad MacBook Pro

Apple has pitched the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. The Libra keyboard/trackpad case for iPad Pro aims at making the experience more tactile. However …


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  1. What is the purpose of the magnetic back panel? Purely cosmetic? That's not a complaint from me per se (am Win/Android guy, no horse in this race, tho will admit this product looks sharp!) – mostly just wondering if there's some functionality to that component that I failed to catch.

  2. Very Impractical really. I have a bunch of similar "MacBook wanna be" cases and just ended up using the traditional case combined with an apple bluetooth mouse. If you bother worrying about loosing the magnetic pen then the extra caring for the mouse is piece of cake.

  3. I hope Apple updates the mouse and keyboard for iPad over time. It’s not bad but can be a lot better. iPad Pro has officially replaced my old MBP. It’s my preference don’t judge me.

  4. I go to Louis Rossmann’s channel for all my Apple “needs” ? Apple is the shadiest company I’ve ever seen in terms of screwing ppl over.

    If your Apple device needs repairing, Genius Bar employees about 90% of the time will INSIST it cannot be fixed and you’d be “better off” buying a brand new one. GO WATCH LOUIS’ UNDERCOVER VIDEOS!

    They usually don’t even try to fix your devices on site—they simply hook it up and “see what’s wrong”, when they’re usually incorrect about it in the first place. Louis has tested this countless times.

    Also, authorized dealers like Best Buy & others aren’t allowed to repair them most of the time. They tell you to send it off to Apple, and the amount is usually just short of the price of a brand new one.

    People, stop buying Apple products. I SAY THIS AS SOMEONE WHO BOUGHT AN IPHONE 2YRS AGO, which is my 3rd one. Now, I haven’t had any issues with this one, but if I ever do, I’m sending in to Louis since he can do basic repairs like battery replacement, in about 5mins!

    Here’s the kicker tho: if you replace the battery with one that isn’t Apple approved , your phone will tell you that it isn’t authorized, therefore telling you to remove it??‍♀️

    I’ll never EVER buy another one!

    It’s comparable to buying a car, then the manufacturer telling you, “Now listen, you cannot buy parts from anyone else but us. Oh, and you also have to get repairs done here, too.” SO STUPID!


  5. Tablets will simply never be laptop replacements. I haven't been able to do it with my Android tablets (which actually do offer really nice mouse/trackpad control) and haven't been able to do it with an iPad. The only thing that's come close for me is my 15" Acer Flip Chromebook, which has a touchscreen, but it's more of a laptop that works exceptionally well as a tablet.

  6. Wow u can turn the most pointless tablet into the most pointless and ugly non-laptop. Don't u miss having no adobe flash capability? No ability to install apps from somewhere other than appstore? No USB functionality?

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