Bitcoin Death Cross 2019 – Capitulation soon! BTC price drop targets $4200 – $5000 – TA

BTC Death Cross will send us down over 35%, I show how and why this will happen. Do not be fooled by these moon boys pushing their affiliate links, we are not in a bull run, we are in an extended bear market about to test lows around $4k – $5k.

I know FOMO is strong but be patient before deciding to jump in because I think our next capitulation candle is just around the corner. We need to bottom before the next bitcoin halving, then we can start our next bull run to put in new all time highs. This is a suckers rally, don’t be suckered! all of my bitcoin and alt coin charts play out live and can be viewed on all devices. Please visit link below to access my charts.

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This is not financial advice! these are only my view and opinions of where I think the market may be headed. Crypto Currency is a very risky asset, always do your own research before ever considering investing or making a trade.

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  1. Im staying clear of BTC for now. Really excited about Stegos tbh. They could be a massive privacy coin, the IEO is upcoming and the bounty comp has over 17,000 entries. The network is instant and secure for transactions while also providing anti surveillance. Monero could be in trouble…

  2. Measuring 35% down from the death cross is where we golden cross again, not where we bottom. We bottom 29% down from the golden cross, which you didn’t do. You also didn’t measure the percentage we go down from the death crossed last time. Both just as valid bottom targets as what you just did.

    I don’t like how bullish you’ve become, what happened to $2,800? I guess it just shows how bearish we truly are for even you to think we can’t go below 5k. I think you’re being biased because you want to buy in and get rich quick, which is what you were against not too long ago. If you simply short Bitcoin you wouldn’t have to worry about missing out, but you refuse to do that for some unknown reason.

    I’d rather you give no hard targets at all (e.g. saying, “I think we will bottom here”) than thinking this wasn’t an April FOOL’S rally, which is what attracted me to your channel to begin with, thinking you’re the only one to get it.

    We might bottom at 5k, but I will only believe it when we get there and start seeing bullish signs. Calling for a 5k target now is arrogant.

    When we were in the sucker’s rally you never gave a hard target like this and I don’t understand why you’ve changed. If you had, you would’ve likely been wrong. You never used percentages from golden cross / death cross. If you had, again, you would’ve likely been wrong. (Try it and see.) You waited until it happened and you saw the reaction first.

    You are straying from the light and it disturbs me because I care about the channel.

    I liked that you had multiple possible targets derived from your pitchfork lines before, but you never stuck to one price target too hard. You’ve only ever described 5k as a possibility among many others, not something you believe will happen. There’s a difference.

    You could’ve never guessed, and you didn’t guess, exactly when we would cross your capitulation circle. There’s a good reason for that. Don’t start making that mistake now.

  3. I love the visual charts Steve. It's one more tool I use in my analysis of market trends and potential pivot points. I really appreciate that you take a position, argue it's validity, and then let the chips fall where they may. If you're wrong, you own up to it. You keep calm and carry on. Your livestreams are absolutely entertaining and sometimes downright boring as we all wait for price action to decide on its direction, long after we've made our predictions the previous hours, days or weeks. I pray for your continued success as well as the success of all your followers. Please don't take Steve's word as gospel. Find a mentor and learn as much as you can because the overwhelming majority will lose money in this market. It's well worth the investment in yourself as opposed to trading blindly.

  4. I like your honest opinion on these guys on YouTube!!! Carl(THE Moon is a sell out and other like him ) I actually think your view on the market is more valid and honest i Also enjoy watching cripto crypto kirby trading. Everyone can't be right but your integration of your content and viewers is allways on point.. Keep up the good work ?

  5. Просто забудьте о других склепах! В этот момент уделите больше внимания GRAM на * gramcrypto .info *, где произойдет плавание!

  6. People do your own homework, and listen also to other TA guys. If you listen only to lord of the rings you gonna loose money! No hating, just a warning!

  7. You're wrong. Price is currently $8230..
    Too many circles now bro.

    There's a bear flag forming. We hit the bottom trend line of that bear flag which is why we are currently rising (possible target is $8700 which is the top of the trend line). If we break out of the top of the flag then we will go up to $9400.

    All of the current patterns we are forming now are the same exact patterns that formed when we were down at $3k levels

    KEEP IT SIMPLE. You're becoming very biased with the downside now. We do not NEED to go down to 4k-5k as other indications show higher prices. I know you're just trying to keep us all informed, and the more possibilities the better, but fundamentals are better than ever as well ??

    Stock to flow ratio also says we'll be at 100k by next halving ??

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