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  1. The first DR game I played was chop till you drop. I was 7 so I loved it. I never actually knew it was a port of the original until I was like 10. I bought it and thought of it as an improvement over the one I played. I'm really glad I played the port first so I could greatly appreciate the og.

  2. I think my biggest issue with Dead Rising is the weapon crafting. Like, you have to remember(or keep checking the blueprint) the specific items you need for a particular weapon. But when you have a buttload of different blueprints all requiring different items on top of not having a backpack like inventory to hold more than a couple things at a time…. it gets to be more trouble than it's worth when I can grab literally anything and kill just fine. Not to say I dislike Dead Rising. Quite the opposite actually. I just think crafting could be a bit less tedious, especially when the crafted weapons can still break pretty fast.

  3. absolutely amazing. the only issue i have is, although the time limits are gone (thank god), you have to beat the entire campaign in a certain time. thats bothers me because im an explorer and completionist in open world games and even though the time is long, i still feel a sense of rushing

  4. the only thing i don't like in this game is thefact that you can pick any weapon and any car in the safe house '-' make the game so dumb/easy. also i don't like how you need a blueprint to maake combos now :/ but is a good game. i prefer dr2, but dr3 is amazing in its own way.

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