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  1. ok, EA, one step at a time. Crysis Remaster next. No micro-transactions. Dragon Age 4 after that. No micro-transactions. Mercs 3 follows later. No micro-transactions… and Bad Company 3. Definitely No micro-transactions.

  2. I actually like the story modes. The bosses are interesting, it helps you lv up characters you don't really play and lets you master that character better, and you get a ton of coins from playing them. Plus it gives you a little break from pvp.

  3. I’ve always loved all the pvz games but sadly times have changed me and all my mates always use to hop on back in the days and use to have fun all the time everyone ended up going their own ways and then I never had any friends to play pvz with :((

  4. I love the game, and I love Garden Warfare 1 & 2, but why ditch the character variations?! And I know, Blah blah balance blah blah! But just keep tweaking them like before!!! I miss my toxic chomper and my breakfast brains! I unlocked almost every character in GW2 and after all that time and money spent to unlock them, only to have them NOT carry over anymore really breaks my heart! Again I love this game, and if someone has NEVER played this or the Garden Warfares, they totally need to play this! But either bring back variants in a patch, or in the next PvZ shooter.

  5. Dam bro how can u expect epic boss fights, meaniful missions and side quest when it's just suppose to be about wacky fun and unscripted cartoon violence…. ease up bro

  6. Taking away varieties within the characters was a bad choice and one of the reasons i struggle to enjoy this game i played part 1 and 2 but this one just falls short

  7. Love the new characters and animations that make the characters even more lively. Sadly the gameplay is far less fun and the new perk system is easily out shined by the former "character variations" from older games. The gameplay is more focused on skill than having fun and the balance between the characters and maps are absolutely awful. Been playing the beta/early access and feel very little reason to really keep playing.

  8. Honestly, I'm loving the game. Sure they went for a different style but that's what's making this game unique from the others. The Graphics are beautiful and the way you move around feels nice. Although it's nice to look at, it's pretty buggy. Like when Animations don't display properly, there's a half a second delay when using abilities, the 30 frames a second glitch which was thankfully patched, but yet was even a thing.

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